What Directories Should I Submit My Podcast to?

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The most valuable tool we have as podcasters is our voice, and one of our missions is to help members of the community use theirs to spread their words and messages through podcasting. For that reason, below we've chosen to include the resources for podcasters in this week's issue, just as we had originally planned. 

However, before we get to the regular programming, we open the newsletter with a statement on where we stand as it relates to current events in the United States (originally shared on our social media channels this past Sunday evening): 

The Podcast Movement staff is outraged, time and time again, by the senseless violence perpetrated on people of color by law enforcement. This immensely painful week does not stand on its own. For so many in our community and beyond, the impact of systemic racism is constant.

The professor and activist Angela Y. Davis wrote, “In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” We have been intentionally, actively inclusive for this very reason, from event stages to media coverage.

Though we can’t begin to heal the immeasurable hurt, we affirm that our community spaces are built for all voices. We reject racism. We reject discrimination. If your voice is welcoming and supportive, we welcome and support you.

This week we share the answers to a common question regarding which directories podcasters should submit their shows in order to increase visibility. We're also celebrating some of the recent graduates from our 28 Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge. Lastly, we have details on our first virtual meetup coming up this Thursday, and we'd love you to be there.

What Directories Should I Submit My Podcast To?

We are often asked by new podcasters what directories they should submit their shows to. We encourage you to submit your show to all of the following.

Please keep in mind that your podcast hosting company may have direct links to submit your show to these directories. It is probably more comfortable for you to use those links. That said, if they don't have access to certain ones on this list, you can submit your show yourself by using the links below.

Also, you usually need at least one episode uploaded to your hosting platform. You will likely need your RSS feed, podcast email address, and other basic info. 

  • iHeartRadio – Click here.
  • Pandora – Submit your show using this link.
  • RadioPublic – This player is doing some cool things. You can use this link to add your show to the RadioPublic search directory as well as join revenue opportunities for podcasters.
  • Stitcher – This is pretty easy. Apply here.
  • TuneIn – If you want your show to be available on Amazon Echo or Alexa devices, then submitting your podcast to TuneIn is the easiest way. Here are is the submission form.
  • Deezer – Start here.
  • Podcast Addict – Enter your RSS feed here
  • Podchaser – You must create a user profile here by selecting register. After creating your user profile, submit your Creator Profile to Podchaser by going to Podchaser's homepage and selecting the Creators tab. You can add your podcast to the site's database by going to your profile settings and selecting Add Feed. Here is a helpful article from Buzzsprout that walks you through the steps.
  • Listen Notes – Fill out your info here
  • Bullhorn – Fill out the Become a Partner form on this page.
  • Subscribe on Android – This is not a directory as much as it is a tool to tap into many Android listening apps. Here are some notes on this, what it is, and the reasons to use it. You'll want to make it easy for EVERYONE to subscribe to your show, regardless of device, so don't ignore this one. You can submit your show here.

Please note that each of these has its own set of rules and guidelines. We encourage you to consider reviewing the rules before submitting. Pay special attention to particular practices about using music on your podcast, as well as what kind of ads you may or may not be allowed to include on your show.

Do you have any other directories that you recommend? If so, please hit reply and let us know.

Rich Jones from the Paychecks and Balances podcast proudly wears his PM swag at our recent Evolutions event in LA!

Recent 28 Day Challenge Graduates

The 28 Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge has helped hundreds of aspiring podcasters go from zero to launch. We attempt to do this free class every other month. We plan to host a new one again in July.

Today we celebrate some recent graduates of the class. We encourage you to give your fellow podcasters a virtual high five. We're sure they would appreciate it if you check out their shows and provide a rating/review. 

  • Cool and Crazy Cats Podcast by Liani – Cool and Crazy Cats is a podcast about cats. Liani features exciting and fun topics such as cat breeds, how to care for your cat, and many more cat-related things. If you are a cat lover or want to be one, this podcast is for you!
  • ActionPacked by Felice and Peter Hardy – Inspirational travel without having to go anywhere, interviews, and information. The Hardys have spent half a lifetime traveling to just about every corner of the world, making a living as travel writers out of what they like doing best – and that's skiing, biking, hiking, eating, exploring, city breaks, seaside and a whole lot more.
  • Sip and Spill Podcast by Jessica Michelle – A podcast where the co-hosts sip wine and spill “tea” on real-life topics.
  • Me, Myself, and I: The Journey Continues by LaVonne Lee Norrils – This podcast is a release zone that's informative and therapeutic. The goal is to help overcome fears and thoughts of worthlessness through exercises of self-care and mindfulness.
  • One More Thing Before You Go by Michael Herst – One More Thing Before You Go is a weekly podcast that is engaging and has an honest discussion about life. The show explores a variety of themes, such as alternative health, life after death, politics, those other daily irritations, and the latest film and TV topics.
  • Emerald City Playbook by Keith Kirkwood – This podcast is a journey down the yellow brick road featuring interviews with various people in the neuroscience field. The show puts together a practical toolbox with the hope of helping people fulfill their potential and lead their very best lives.
  • Drunken Duo Podcast by Carrie Poppe – This show has adult beverages and conversations about personal experiences and knowledge learned along the way.
  • MBR Radio – Money Business Reselling by Joey Ruffalo – This podcast is a place to talk about being debt-free and working toward goals, business pains, and successes, as well as reselling tips and tricks.
  • Learn to Earn by Kevin Arguello – In this podcast, you will learn actionable steps you can take after every episode to improve your self and career. The topics covered include self-improvement, personal branding, career challenges, skill development, and more.
  • I Do: Life, Love, and Traditional Marriage by Dan and Lynn Braden – Dan and Lynn Braden are Life and Relationship coaches in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They're still madly in love even after all these years!
  • Ask Gayle Rice by Gayle Rice – This podcast covers discussions about Gayle's financial wellness road map and how to make moves in our financial lives with self-love and self-care.
  • Sleep is a Skill by Mollie McGlocklin – The Sleep Is A Skill podcast exists to transform the conversation around rest on the planet. Each episode is a conversation with industry leaders, designed to deliver practical takeaways to improve your sleep. The intention is to shift the paradigm of wellness to make sleep the #1 focus in your journey towards excellent health.
  • The Procrastinating Mommy Podcast by Tashina Foster – Motherhood can sometimes be a “hot mess.” Tashina shares her own stories to encourage other mothers who are navigating various challenges that this unique role can present.

PM Virtual Meetup

Community is more important now than ever…join us this Thursday for our first ever Podcast Movement Community Virtual Meetup

You are invited this Thursday evening from 8 pm to 10 pm ET. We are excited to bring the community together for a casual evening of networking.


Remembering Your Roots

Podcasting generates growth, whether or not that is the intent. It takes courage to put your voice out there. The medium requires a lot of new things to learn and understand, to not only create a podcast but then to produce the show consistently. We haven't even discussed growing the show or the possibility of monetizing it if that is your goal.

The bottom line – the podcast process is one that will stretch you. It can be easy to forget your podcast roots as you continue to publish episodes and get better at the craft. 

A lot of new podcasters are joining the community. They can benefit from your generosity. We hope that you will remember what it was like starting and the folks that helped you early on. Our community has a synergistic and collaborative spirit overall. The goodwill continues because podcasters are gracious to share and help others as they join this exciting world.

Thanks for making this community special,
Team PM

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart

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