1,000 Opportunities to Become a Better Interviewer


PodMov Daily: Monday, March 22

Episode 395: Your Monday Mix

1,000 Opportunities to Become a Better Interviewer

Author and podcaster Srinivas Rao wrote about the art of the podcast interview at the 700 episode mark. Now, The Unmistakable Creative is just three shy of 1,000 conversations. Rao dissects the entire process of how he selects guests, comes up with questions for interviews, and gets people to open up.

Preparation and planning can be overdone, which Rao says is a double-edged sword. Too much research will make your conversations rigid, and a long list of questions may do the same. Practice attention instead of anticipation: “The question you want to ask next lies within the answer that someone is giving you.”

Rao’s advice covers selecting guests, interacting in the moment, and improving your skills after the fact. He explains his “seemingly ridiculous questions” about the guest’s high school social group (a weird story is guaranteed) and how listening back and taking notes has guided his process since 2009.

Podcasting Beyond “Bridgerton” at Shondaland

With the massive success of “Bridgerton” on Netflix, Shondaland is firmly dedicated to podcasting as bonus material. According to Angelique Jackson of Variety, at Shonda Rhimes’ production company “each segment of the brand works to serve one goal — giving audiences a 24/7 content experience.”

“Bridgerton” premiered on Christmas Day 2020. The trailer for Bridgerton: The Official Podcast‬ was out on February 1. “Our fans do not simply watch the show, walk away and move on with their lives,” said Alison Eakle, head of creative content. Episodes about sound design and filming locations make sure of it.

“We look at it as an opportunity to create more content in these mediums,” said Sandie Bailey, Chief Design Officer of the company’s podcasting division. “We really look at those ways that we can create immersive experiences and pieces people can choose to enjoy in whatever time they might have.”

Voice Processing Presets for Award-Winning Podcast Sound 

Looking for professional-level sound without the studio? Podcast voice processing presets from Ryan Freeman create outstanding audio quality with just a few clicks. A master of the craft, Freeman is a Webby Award-winning podcast engineer (Best Sound Design and Original Music in a Podcast).

Podcast-specific presets are compatible with all major DAWs: Adobe Audition, Logic Pro, GarageBand, Reaper and Audacity. They’re based on Freeman’s audio processing chain and effects, giving you the same setup that won a Webby — “the Internet's highest honor.”

For creators from beginner to pro, presets are the smartest way to save time and money. Use your program’s stock plugins to remove ‘muddy’ sound, balance voice levels, and adjust effects if needed. With the ‘Install & Apply’ tutorial, it’s never been simpler to optimize your show’s signature sound.

The power of imagination makes us infinite.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Quick draw: Get to the point. That’s the most important thing you can do on Clubhouse, says Edison Research SVP Tom Webster. “Set the example you want your guests and audience participants to follow. Just start the damn show. Immediately.” Skip the intros, keep your listeners. 
  • Skill set: Women of Color (WOC) Podcasters is growing its Podcast Editors Directory of active professionals who are ready to work with new clients. Services include post-production, social media, cover art, distribution, and cloud storage. Interested editors can complete this form to join.
  • One world: The fifth annual Latin Podcast Awards will welcome podcasters from Habana, Cuba (Havana) for the first time. The creators of Lo Llevamos Rizo Radio, La Cafetera Podcast, and En Estéreo Podcast have joined the international program with scholarships from Podcast Movement.
  • Live, learn: Looking back at “deeply problematic” jokes from 2010, Griffin McElroy recommends that listeners skip the first 150 episodes of My Brother, My Brother, and Me. “[There] were things that our audience heard and in gracious ways told us, ‘That really hurts.’” The hosts listened.

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