3 Podcast Movement Takeaways for Indie Creators


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, August 10

Episode 480: Testing, One Two-sday

3 Podcast Movement Takeaways for Indie Creators

Journalist and podcaster Jenna Spinelle (Democracy Works) went into last week with a keen eye for independent creators’ needs. If you read one reflection on the event, we suggest it be this one: “Here are three takeaways that I know I’ll be thinking about for my show throughout the rest of this year and beyond.”

Personal recommendations were a strong theme this year, and not just in Tom Webster’s outstanding keynote. Tink Media founder Lauren Passell dug deep into the power of promotional swaps, including how to find and approach ideal partners. (Wait, also read Passell’s recap in Podcast the Newsletter.)

Spinelle hits the nail on the head: Examine your work. “The bottom line is that independent creators who want to build an audience for their shows need to be more mindful about why they are creating their shows, who they are creating them for, and why those listeners should want to share it with their networks.”

Seems Legit: The Podcast Misinformation Trap

Misleading podcast advice. It’s everywhere, it’s upbeat, and it can be sneaky — sometimes to the point that it’s worth breaking down. This just in from a UK-focused personal finance site run by The Motley Fool: “New research has found podcasting to be the most profitable side business of the year.” 

Unfortunately for aspiring podcasters, that “research” is an unprovided survey from a loan company. Behold the good news: “Podcasters make an average of £954 a month in profits. This would earn podcasters an average of £11,448 each year – a handy sum! That is over double the UK average side hustle income.”

At least the next line hints that the whole bag may be less-than-legit: “This is followed by selling handmade candles, which brings in £670 a month on average.” All this to say that newcomers searching for guidance will find some pretty bad clickbait from ‘recognizable’ sources. Their best defense is a little help.

Success Starts Here: The Table with Anthony ONeal

When it comes to financial and personal success, our mindset is our most valuable asset. Each week on The Table with Anthony ONeal, money expert and #1 national bestselling author Anthony ONeal delivers practical advice to help you become successful.

Anthony’s approach is real, relevant and relatable, giving listeners new insights on the topics that matter most. He puts it best: “I’m going to show you how to set a clear vision for your future so you can start winning in your life, with your money, and in your relationships.”

From debt to life transitions, it can be tough to find a way forward. True success starts with an experienced voice you can trust. Ready to plan for a stronger future? Follow The Table with Anthony ONeal wherever you get your podcasts.

Questions you cannot answer are usually far better for you than answers you cannot question.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Quiet type: This Tuesday’s episode of The Pod Lab is all about the power of silence as a tool for interview and narrative shows. Plus, Josh Miely (National Association of Broadcasters) stops by with the advice he wishes he’d been given before hosting his very first interview. A PM original series.
  • Stay classy: Tomorrow at 11:30 CT, BBC Sounds Audio Lab will host “Different Ways to Tell A Story.” The free masterclass will focus on monologue, documentary, and investigative methods with Arlie Adlington of VENT Documentaries, the British Podcast Awards’ 2021 Podcast of the Year.
  • Triple scoop: The next three episodes of Evo Terra’s Podcast Pontifications will unpack the concepts behind a show’s “recommendability.” The laws according to Edison Research SVP Tom Webster: Know what your listeners expect. Make your show easy to recommend. Master your craft. 
  • By design: 99% Invisible is hiring a seasoned producer who will research, pitch, and report for the show. The remote-eligible position with SiriusXM includes full benefits. Straight from Roman Mars: “I really want a fun, funny, and curious person in this role, so please spread far and wide.” Done.

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