A Lesson on Integrity in Nonfiction Podcasting


PodMov Daily: Monday, June 7

Episode 445: Your Monday Mix

A Lesson on Integrity in Nonfiction Podcasting

Since Vincent Chin’s racially motivated 1982 murder, his family has been contacted by nearly a dozen projects looking to tell his story. To their complete surprise, a dramatized podcast series with a star-studded cast dropped at the end of May. Hold Still, Vincent was fully produced with zero contact with Chin’s estate.

Helen Zia, a central civil-rights figure in the murder’s aftermath, had been portrayed by Star Wars actress Kelly Marie Tran. “I’m not dead yet and it’s weird hearing/seeing myself fictionalized” by anyone associated with the project, the journalist wrote on social media. A-Major Media pulled the show from distribution.

In addition to the podcast, the cast had done a table read for a prospective feature film. “As a storyteller, I know seeking truth is hard and takes time and labor,” writes Annie Tan, a cousin of Chin’s. “But if we’re to tell the stories that matter with integrity, we have to do the work, and that means reaching out to those most impacted.”

What Does Podchaser’s API Mean for Podcasters?

Podchaser’s recently launched API, available to app developers, is expected to change the discovery landscape. Podcasters will certainly benefit, as will listeners and brands. How, exactly? Lindsay Harris Friel of The Podcast Host takes a closer look, explaining the concept from a creator perspective. 

Listening apps are able to pull episodes from Podchaser's directory, which includes ratings, reviews, and over 11 million creator and guest credits. Essentially, more complete, up-to-date information on your podcast will be available across the board. There will be far more threads that connect listeners to content. 

Apple and Spotify display podcasts ranked by popularity. Podchaser instead displays ‘top shows’ based on the listener’s interests by default. This way, “your podcast isn't buried under hundreds of other shows,” Friel says. “People already interested in podcasts like yours will have an easier time finding it.”

Focusrite: Make Your Audio Content Outstanding 

High-quality audio doesn’t just polish your content — it defines it. Focusrite specializes in outstanding equipment for anyone who records sound, from podcasters and streamers to musicians. The world-leading Scarlett range of USB audio interfaces is just the beginning.

No matter what you’re recording, Focusrite has a product for every budget, skill level, and use. The genre-defying musician Andrew Huang is just one creator proving the power of quality audio. Every day on his YouTube channel and social media, millions hear the magic of Focusrite.

When your content sounds its best, you’re inspired to share. Focusrite’s passionately crafted products are ready to go and easy to use, from the professional studio to the closet recording booth. Ready to create with superior audio? The world is listening.

Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Group chat: Podbean will be hosting “How to Start a Podcast – LIVE!” this Thursday through Saturday. The event will feature livestreamed sessions on production, editing, promotion, and growth for creators of all experience levels. Full passes are free with code PODMOV at checkout.
  • Square dance: Podcast episode artwork is underutilized on social media, says the computing blog Rare Loot. A simple branded template can be modified to distinguish each episode. They offer pointers and resources for designing consistent artwork, similar to a slick Instagram account.
  • Plugged in: Facebook is planning to launch in-app podcasts on June 22. Podnews shared an email sent to some podcast owners, which linked to an opt-in page to supply their RSS feed. (Podnews’ page is not yet enabled.) New episodes will be automatically shared with Followers.
  • Access denied: What kind of unnecessary data is Spotify collecting on you? Quina Baterna of MakeUseOf explains how to control it, download it, and request its deletion. Also, how to stop Facebook from sharing your personal information with Spotify and third-party advertisers.

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