A Major Milestone: Apple Podcasts Surpasses 1 Million Podcasts


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, April 21

Episode 188: Testing, One Two-sday

A Major Milestone: Apple Podcasts Surpasses 1 Million Podcasts

According to My Podcast Reviews, more than 1 million valid podcasts are now available in Apple Podcasts. (Power is ours!) The Audacity to Podcast creator Daniel J. Lewis launched the service in 2014 to help the community “know, engage, and grow their audiences through the power of podcast reviews.”

Though of course not all podcasts are actively publishing new episodes, there’s been an unexpected uptick. “While we've normally seen around 50,000 podcasts launch in a 30-day period, these latest 30 days have welcomed more than 82,000 new podcasts!” Lewis reports. Perhaps the increased time at home has inspired more voices.”

Congratulations to Charles Mulamata (Catfish Prodperity), Chuck Fields (Your Online Coffee Break), and Steven Phillips (Altered Geek) on successfully predicting the million-show milestone. “I believe anyone can share a message to change the world,” Lewis says. “Podcasting is the best way to do that.”

Friendships, Co-Hosting, and Trouble: Managing Conflict Through Conversation

In a Medium post, Larell Scardelli wisely tackles an uncomfortable topic: “Not all friends make great roommates, and not all buddies make great co-hosts.” The content strategist and editor of Sounder.fm offers constructive advice for healing common co-host rifts and resentments. Compassion is the key.

If there’s anything that reliably complicates a friendship, it’s going into business together. Co-hosting presents similar challenges. Your co-host may exhibit behavior you perceive as ‘laziness,’ or the other way around. Scardelli suggests practical yet sensitive ways to “approach the conversation (even for the second or third time).”

Seasoned podcasters deliver valuable insight, including comedian Carolyn Bergier who had to part ways from her former co-host. If you “totally forgot to lay the groundwork for a healthy working-relationship,” here’s your chance to set expectations, clarify needs, and get your project back on track.

Launch, Grow, and Monetize Your Podcast with StartAPod

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From the team of industry experts behind the podcast discovery platform PodSearch, StartAPod gives you the end-to-end tutorials, connections, resources, and deals you need to create a successful podcast, from launching, to hosting, to distribution, and even monetization. It’s the only resource of its kind created by a podcast ad agency, meaning sponsorship opportunities have never been more accessible.

Have an existing podcast? StartAPod is for beginners and experienced creators alike. Users are provided with pro resources for minor or major production help, equipment recommendations, opportunities to connect with potential sponsors, and everything in between.

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All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Horses held: Buzzsprout's guide to monetization methods nails a key point for new creators to keep in mind: Start slow. “In the early stages of your podcast, it's better to focus on building trust with your listeners by providing them with valuable, ad-free content.”
  • Word search: Clearly, podcast transcription is essential far beyond PR. Lindsay Harris Friel of The Podcast Host explains how to get it done, whether you’re interested in DIY, hiring a freelancer, or the pros and cons of dedicated transcription services on the market.

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