A Moment: The International Women’s Podcast Awards


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A Moment: The International Women’s Podcast Awards

The inaugural International Women’s Podcast Awards will celebrate brief snapshots of sound. They were announced this spring by Naomi Mellor, a podcaster and founder of The Skylark Collective. Instead of recognizing categories of podcasts or entire shows, awards will go to ‘moments’ under 10 minutes.

“You might not be the most well-known or most successful podcaster out there, but you may have captured that one piece of audio, that one moment in time that deserves recognition because it’s so brilliant,” Mellor told Pod Bible in April. “That’s what we’re after.” The deadline for entries is July 16.

The ceremony will be held on September 23 at the AllBright Mayfair in London, hosted by presenter and journalist Vick Hope of BBC Radio 1. Tomorrow at 11:00 am CT / 5:00 pm BST, Mellor (@TheSkylarkCollective) will speak with WOC Podcasters founder Danielle Desir (The Thought Card) on Instagram Live.

In Podcasting, There's No Recipe for Redemption

Can a hit podcast make a comeback after imploding? Yesterday Gimlet’s Reply All published its first full episode since February, when a complex, highly publicized reckoning surrounded the show’s work environment. Rachel Aroesti of The Guardian takes a look at how other shows have tackled reinvention.

Aroesti emphasizes that moving forward, “the on-air chemistry on which Reply All was built is by no means a given.” Fans, and the industry, will be listening curiously as its two remaining hosts develop their approach. Yesterday’s episode has a decidedly old-school feel, taking listeners down an internet rabbit hole. 

A challenge like this is uncharted territory in podcasting. Alex Goldman, an original host of the show since 2014, says a lot with his opening: “I feel like not working on stories for a couple months gave me an incredible reserve of story energy, and now I’m getting to expend it all in the world, which feels awesome.”

Marmoset Music: Simple Licensing for Better Podcasting

Podcasters, it’s time to make peace with music licensing. Marmoset Music is a full-service music agency offering podcast-specific licenses. You’re covered for both single and series use, with access to a highly curated roster of diverse and rare artists, bands, record labels and vintage recordings.  

Marmoset is ideal for indie podcasts, studio productions, and video-based projects. Its outstanding catalog includes original music, produced and customized in-house. Gimlet Media, Pineapple Street Studios, and more have trusted Marmoset to bring their signature sound to life.

Above all, Marmoset values the work of musicians and creators — an average of 50% of every license fee is paid to the artist. Ready to experience podcast music done right? Get 20% off your first license with code PODMOV20 at checkout.

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life — and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Brave education: This Wednesday at 6:00 pm CT, Keisha “TK” Dutes will host “Secrets to a Career Change.” The nurse-turned-audio producer (NPR, Thirst Aid Kit, Hear to Slay) will break down the practical tips and strategies she used to make the transition a success. $15 registration. 
  • Control panel: Riverside.fm has developed the Media Board, a feature that allows podcasters to insert pre-recorded content into a live recording session. Audio or video clips (e.g., intros, ad reads) played during recording essentially moves tasks from post-production to pre-production.
  • Lesson plan: This Wednesday at 2:00 pm CT, Dustlight Productions will host “Poddy Training: Booking for Podcasts.” During the creatively titled workshop, producer Stephanie Cohn will cover landing guests, managing schedules, finding studios, and troubleshooting. $20 registration. 
  • Top brass: WBGO is branching out from its signature award-winning jazz podcasts. Kayla Benjamin of Current explores the effects of new corporate sponsorship at the New Jersey public radio institution, “arguably the best jazz station in the world” according to The New York Times. 

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