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    PodMov Daily: Monday, March 9

    Episode 158: Your Monday Mix

    Adam Curry: The First Podcaster Visits Joe Rogan

    Adam Curry has long been credited as a major podcasting pioneer (The “Podfather”). In 2003 he launched the first podcast, Daily Source Code, which wouldn’t be called a ‘podcast’ until the term was coined the following year. Much later, Curry was a 2015 inductee into the PM Hall of Fame.

    On a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Curry joined Rogan for a fascinating three-hour interview. They discuss the technology from pre-iPod to the modern market, Curry's seminal mid-2000s coordination with Steve Jobs, advertising overload, and why ballroom dancing is killer exercise.

    Curry worked closely with software developer Dave Winer, the creator of RSS. The two share a dedication to podcasting’s decentralized, free publishing system. “Neither I or Dave Winer have ever patented any of this […] no one owns it and that was the mission,” Curry said. “I’m very proud of that.”

    Australian Podcast Ranker: Top 3 Podcasts Were New Additions

    “Australia’s top three most popular podcasts for the period of 20 January to 16 February were all new to Triton’s Australian Podcast Ranker,” reports B&T Magazine. The top spots went to Stuff You Should Know, From The Newsroom, and My Favorite Murder.

    “The latest Triton ratings mark the first since Spotify launched its new playlist Your Daily Drive, which combines personalised music with news shows and podcasts.” From the Newsroom and another Australian news show, 7am, are included in the playlist.

    This Australian Podcast Ranker report is the 6th since its launch in September 2019. The rank change column contains many shows marked as new to the list. The growth is real: “The top 100 podcasts in this reporting period account for 16.2M downloads in total.”

    Podcast Editing and Recording Software Ranked by Budget

    A Premium Beat blog post gives a detailed overview of popular digital audio workstations for podcasts. Alejandro Medellin compares programs, including long-distance recording solutions, to fit a range of budgets.

    For those dedicated to the details, “a full-fledged DAW with tons of features” like Adobe Audition may be a holy grail. On the other hand, “if you’re serious about your podcast’s quality, but you don’t want to edit,” you’ll find reviews of hands-off solutions like Auphonic.

    Each assessment lists ‘best features’ and ‘where it falls short’ to help narrow down must-haves and dealbreakers. Medellin urges shoppers to use their intuition. “The best DAW is the one you like to use — regardless of industry standards or prestige.”

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    Here's what else is going on:

    • One direction: Colin Gray of The Podcast Host explains how to link to and share a podcast. Directing your potential audience to various platforms can hamper listener acquisition, Gray says. “Send them to ONE place ― your own website.”
    • Luxury cruise: Forbes reports that “self-avowed car nut” Malcolm Gladwell has been recruited by Lexus to “to produce a six-part podcast series based on his extensive visit with the brand’s representatives in Toyota City, Japan.”
    • Mixed tape: The South African publication IOL blends podcasts and YouTube channels into a recommended media article. Content available in both formats, like Wine and Weed by Steelo Brim and Chris Reinacher, earn bonus points.
    • Family circus: Launched in 2010, the wildly popular comedy podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me has reached its 500th episode. A review by W.C. Hoag calls it “a self-indulgent, earnest and heartrendingly sweet celebration.”

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