Always in Flux: The Start of Generative Podcasting


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, July 14

Episode 461: Your Midweek Update

Always in Flux: The Start of Generative Podcasting

Once published, a podcast episode stays the same — like a painting, or a book. Two indie creators launched Neutrinowatch to experiment with that static boundary. With the help of some nifty Python code, they’ve created a new kind of show that's always changing: Each episode is re-generated every single day.

“We really wanted to bring chance and serendipity into podcasting — to give people an experience that’s unique to the day they listen,” says co-creator Martin Zaltz Austwick. “There are only a handful of episodes in the feed — each day, just one of many billion possible permutations of Neutrinowatch gets picked.”

Austwick (Answer Me This!) and the show’s other creator, Seattle-based artist and podcaster Jeff Emtman (Here Be Monsters), have plans to share the code. Why should dynamic ads be the only elements that transform? For more, check out Emtman’s short essay and this conversation between the two pioneers.

Questlove, Keynotes, and More News for PM21

This week’s PM21 announcements include new keynote speakers and a top-notch musical guest. First off, Crime Junkie co-host and audiochuck CEO Ashley Flowers will join Max Cutler, Head of New Content Initiatives at Spotify, for a keynote talk about their partnership and creative process.

Also on the main keynote stage, a powerhouse session on political podcasting: Tayna Somanader, Chief Content Officer of Crooked Media, will lead a conversation with Ron Steslow, the creator and host of Politicology, about the future, intimacy, and influence of one of the fastest-growing genres.

Finally, Questlove. Yes, the legendary drummer and co-frontman of The Roots will be performing at the iHeartRadio Party. Parties will happen every night of Podcast Movement — they’re kind of our thing. In other news, signups are open for Podcast Advertiser Bootcamps led by Right Side Up.

Marmoset Music: Simple Licensing for Better Podcasting

Podcasters, it’s time to make peace with music licensing. Marmoset Music is a full-service music agency offering podcast-specific licenses. You’re covered for both single and series use, with access to a highly curated roster of diverse and rare artists, bands, record labels and vintage recordings.  

Marmoset is ideal for indie podcasts, studio productions, and video-based projects. Its outstanding catalog includes original music, produced and customized in-house. Gimlet Media, Pineapple Street Studios, and more have trusted Marmoset to bring their signature sound to life.

Above all, Marmoset values the work of musicians and creators — an average of 50% of every license fee is paid to the artist. Ready to experience podcast music done right? Get 20% off your first license with code PODMOV20 at checkout.

Action is a high road to self-confidence and esteem. Where it is open, all energies flow toward it.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Full flight: “The number of monthly podcast listeners among U.S. Latinos soared” year-over-year, according to Gabriel Soto of Edison Research. Yesterday’s U.S. Latino Podcast Listener Report presentation revealed that 36% of surveyed adults listen monthly — a 44% increase over 2020. 
  • The usual: Never leave an ad slot blank, advises Sounds Profitable editor Bryan Barletta: “I think your audience should always hear ads in your ad-supported podcast’s episodes.” Because even the absence of ads can be jarring, Barletta reviews strategies to hit that 100% fill rate.
  • Double lot: This Friday at 3:00 pm CT, SquadCast and Podreacher will host “8 Ways to Improve Your Podcast Show Notes.” Guest expert Jacci Schiff will explain how to take full advantage of this ‘truly valuable real estate’ when it comes to attracting new listeners. Free registration required.
  • New neighbors: City Cast’s daily local-news podcast/newsletter offering is expanding. Launched this spring in Chicago and Denver by CEO David Plotz (Slate’s Political Gabfest), City Cast is now hiring in eight new U.S. cities, including Houston, TX, Las Vegas, NV, and Oakland, CA. 

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