Amplify the Culture: Black Creatives’ Thriving Podcasts in Charlotte


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, April 14

Episode 183: Testing, One Two-sday

Amplify the Culture: Black Creatives' Thriving Podcasts in Charlotte

In the Charlotte, NC publication Queen City Nerve, Ryan Pitkin illustrates how the community’s voices continue to thrive: “There has been a lot of creativity coming from black podcasters in the city over the last year.” Pitkin checks in to report adaptations and fresh show launches.

According to founder Brian Baltosiewich, founder of the ‘hyper-local’ Queen City Podcast Network, ‘traffic has increased by more than 30% since mid-March.’ Pitkin also speaks with the creators of Free Breakfast, Catch a Vibe, Crafted with Cradle, and several other standouts.

Lloyd Whitfield, a co-host of Jack of All Spades, explains how the idea grew out of a kickball game. “From that event we realized we were all separately connected to so many people,” Whitfield said. “We just wanted to bring all our networks and talent into one and make something bigger out of it.”

Pivot from the Pandemic: Steve Pratt Answers Your Podcasting FAQs

According to co-founder Steve Pratt, Pacific Content has received “a huge number” of questions from podcasters in the last month. Pratt answers the most commonly posed, from the somewhat technical (“How can I record my existing podcast remotely?”) to much larger unknowns.

Interest has surged in private podcasting and how to (gracefully) handle changes in content. How has the Pacific Content team interpreted new listening trends? Although “there’s no conclusive industry-wide data yet,” Pratt links to 7 strong sources that may help you develop an individual strategy.

“We’re going to continually update this post while we are in such a challenging and unprecedented environment,” Pratt confirms. Some good news: With the exception of on-hold field recordings, “there are no technical barriers to making an excellent podcast during this pandemic.”

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As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Triple scoop: Robert Ambrogi of the legal publication Above the Law explores how “in the space of three weeks, we have gone from zero daily legal podcasts to three daily legal podcasts.” Despite a spike in supply, focused content of “consistently good quality” will thrive.
  • Good faith: For his far-reaching podcast series American Rabbi Project, Justin Regan aims to interview a rabbi in all 50 US states. The Times of Israel profiles Regan's initial 14,000-mile journey and the diverse conversations around Judaism it continues to inspire.
  • Close enough: Perfectionism kills momentum, asserts Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast. To help others overcome the ‘eternal draft,’ Lewis explains how he manages the impulse: “I want to share what I'm learning, doing, and reminding myself.”
  • Tape deck: On the hunt for an ideal call recording app? Matthew McLean of The Podcast Host compares options and add-ons, many of which include features like multitrack recording and local file storage with cloud backup. The post will be periodically updated.

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