An Award-Winning High School Podcaster Looks to the Future


PodMov Daily: Monday, August 10

Episode 260: Your Monday Mix

An Award-Winning High School Podcaster Looks to the Future

This Monday’s guest article is a special feature from Daniel Wang, a decorated high school podcaster. With the remarkable episode “Holmdel: How a Small Town Discovered the Universe,” Wang snagged top marks in both the NPR Student Podcast Challenge and The New York Times’ Third Annual Podcast Contest.

“Podcasting has afforded me the opportunity to question the world and develop my curiosity,” Wang writes. “But what made me wait so long before creating my own? Frankly, there were no resources that were helpful to a student hobby podcaster.” Once he transcribed notes, a full guide began to take shape:

“Here, students will be able to go step-by-step, down the list to create their own podcasts,” Wang explains. “We, as students, have an obligation to share our voices. If you’re on the fence on making a podcast, let me give you some advice: ‘Just do it.'” Listen and learn from Wang's award-winning work here.

Pacific Content: How to Direct (and Be) a Podcast Host

Steve Robinson of Pacific Content speaks with Andy Sheppard, a showrunner and sound designer, about the role of a podcast director. “Delivering a stellar audio performance is a lot more difficult than it sounds,” Sheppard says. “It’s “part psychology, part theater, and all collaboration.” With expert prep, we can all coach ourselves.

Individual podcasters have much to learn from Sheppard, who explains that, in his position, a “part of it is managing the emotional state of the host.” How can creators manage their own emotional state in the way that an expert director might? “Usually a question is generated in your mind, not off of a page.”

“A huge thing that I think is really valuable and I’m doing it here is actually moving your hands. That’s how people speak: with their hands,” Sheppard says. “And that translates. It’s actually coded in your voice a little bit. And you can hear your gestures resonate in your voice.” Read on to learn how a director makes their mark.

Scarlett: The World’s Best-Selling USB Interface Range

Your audio interface defines your podcast’s sound for listeners everywhere. With over 3 million units sold, Scarlett by Focusrite is the world’s best-selling USB interface range. Why? Unmatched quality and features make Scarlett’s 3rd generation the best choice, bar none.

All 6 interfaces in the Scarlett range work with just a computer, any XLR microphone, and the recording software you’re already using. Even better, Scarlett Solo and Scarlett 2i2 now support USB-C iPad Pro. Just plug in, launch your favorite app, and enjoy studio-quality audio anywhere, anytime.  

Superior sound, meet superior user experience. Loopback on select units now allows Skype or Zoom calls to be recorded directly into your software — no workarounds needed. A cherry on top, the new Air feature adds brightness and presence to your voice.

Scarlett is one great decision away. Ready to transform your podcast?

Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Confidence boost: On Wednesday at 8:00 pm EDT, the Afros & Audio Virtual Summer Series presents “Virtual Stage Fright: How to Overcome Your Fear of Showing Yourself Online.” A&A is a community for and by Black podcast creatives and audio professionals.
  • Galaxy quest: “When it comes to podcasting, there are as many ways to go about it as there are stars in the sky.” Colin Gray of The Podcast Host expertly explains how each format, from documentary to roundtable, might best represent your goals and intended audience.
  • Halcyon days: Radiodays Europe’s Podcast Day has announced the event’s speakers for October 26. Headliners include Alexandra Adey, UK Partner Manager and Producer at Spotify, and Earlonne Woods and Nigel Poor, the co-creators and visionaries behind Ear Hustle.
  • Star power: According to Deadline’s Peter White, AMC Networks is “doubling down on true crime documentaries and series by striking a raft of talent deals with podcasters and late-night correspondents,” including Cameron Esposito, host of the LGBTQ+ Queery podcast.

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