Apple’s New ‘Radio Stations’ Mix Radio, Podcasting, and Streaming


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, August 19

Episode 267: Your Midweek Update

Apple's New ‘Radio Stations’ Mix Radio, Podcasting, and Streaming

Apple Music has launched two live global “radio stations” on its paid service. Per the company, Apple Music Country and Apple Music Hits “feature exclusive original shows from the world’s top music hosts and artists.” John Koetsier observes that “some of the new radio stations are a little like podcasting for celebrities.”

In Forbes, Koetsier emphasizes the stations’ mixture of tunes and A-list dialogue: “Both will be almost literally dripping with stars who will feature in both the launch and ongoing regular shows on the stations.” The format, primed to compete, is “an interesting evolution of talk radio, in a sense, with music on radio.”

Apple’s investment falls in line with Spotify’s exclusive-content line drive. “Some of the content in Apple Music radio stations feels like it could live very easily in Apple Podcasts, and vice-versa,” Koetsier writes. “The key differences, seemingly, are curation — being featured on the platform — as well as monetization.”

Weekly Community Recap: Meet the Platform of PM Virtual

This week’s update reveals the official platform of Podcast Movement Virtual this October. After a long search for the highest-quality option on the market, we’re excited to introduce your new destination. From navigation to networking, Swapcard is the best way to connect.

Discussions and networking are a huge part of in-person events. With a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm, the home of PM Virtual finds your ideal chat partners. You’ll be able to schedule meetings and video calls, customize your schedule, and more ― right from the platform.

In other news, the PM Facebook group now has over 43,000 members. This week’s update includes some recent FAQ links to help new arrivals get their bearings. You’ve got questions, and the community has answers.

Claritas Podcast Measurement: Accurate Attribution for Optimal ROI

It’s expected marketers will spend over $1 billion on podcast advertising in 2021. Marketers need accurate, real time insights into each campaign. Why is Claritas the smartest choice for attribution? With world-class tools that diversify and analyze real-time data, marketers can optimize more effectively and see higher ROI.

Consumer behavior is complex. Claritas breaks down every detail, isolating attribution and conversion data by creative, audiences, placements, media partners, and more. Their Identity Graph accurately links podcast advertising exposures to both online and offline conversions, enabling a clear picture on what elements are contributing to engagements and conversions. 

Claritas’ data-driven methodology delivers accurate measurements so marketers can gain real insights on how effective podcast advertising is compared to other online and offline channels. Ready to make every podcast marketing dollar you spend work harder?

Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Lesson plan: Spotify for Podcasters has released The Input, a new video series that teaches users “everything [they] need to know about distribution, analytics, and trailers.” The first four installments, out now, will be followed by more as new features are added.
  • Toast proposed: In their new podcast She Votes! award-winning journalists Ellen Goodman and Lynn Sherr explore the unseen history of the 19th Amendment. They learned the craft of audio storytelling to produce the 8-episode series, released on this special centennial.
  • Style guide: Vice Media has “assembled a small army to staff up its audio division.” In Hot Pod, Nicholas Quah details a conversation with Vice Audio VP Kate Osborn about the team development process, international project plans, and an upcoming flagship podcast.

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