Artifact: A Startup for “Instant Heirloom” Personal Podcasts


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, August 5

Episode 257: Your Midweek Update

Artifact: A Startup for “Instant Heirloom” Personal Podcasts

The podcasting startup Artifact isn’t concerned about netting downloads. Somewhat like a commissioned version of NPR’s StoryCorps, impact is all that matters. Jordan Crook of TechCrunch speaks with co-founder and CEO Ross Chanin about the company's vision for one-of-a-kind, sentimental podcasts. 

“Using professionally contracted interviewers, Artifact conducts short interviews with a person’s closest friends or family and turns them into a personal podcast,” Crook explains. “After the interview, Artifact handles the editing and polish to offer a higher-quality final product that is delivered to the recipient via the web.”

Chanin tells Crook, “We think that Artifact loses a lot if the default assumption is that millions of people are going to hear this. Certainly, Artifacts can be used in that way, but the primary sharing is to close friends and family.” As the medium's purpose expands, optimized oral history is making its mark.

PM's Weekly Community Recap: Guest Article Spotlight

This week’s update celebrates the Daily's first birthday. 257 issues later, this newsletter has grown with the help of our community since mid-July 2019. The PM team takes a look at some recent guest articles, including an outstanding piece from Sage Levene on creating an accessible podcast. Check out these voices and share the love.

In other news, keep in mind that submissions are open Podcast Movement Virtual until August 19. Submit your session idea within the next two weeks for a chance to speak at the largest ever virtual podcasting conference. Choose from several tracks like Technical and Monetization to guarantee the best possible fit for your expertise.

The Podcast Academy: Become a Member, Shape the Industry

The Podcast Academy was formed to recognize creativity, quality and excellence in the industry. In 2021, the first annual awards will honor those chosen by their peers and elevate the status of podcasts as an entertainment medium. Becoming a member gives you a unique voice in shaping this exciting future.

Membership is for those in all areas of the podcast industry. If you’re an individual who is hosting a podcast, working for a podcast company, producing or marketing a podcast, welcome. With a searchable directory of members, webinars on timely topics, and networking events, you’ll be connected and heard.

As a new organization we are excited to welcome new people and encourage their feedback and participation to help us grow. Sign up on or before September 30 for a special rate of $50.00 ― 50% off the initial annual membership fee.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Free range: Are Anchor podcasts different from those on other platforms? James Cridland of Podnews takes an impartial look at the last thirty days’ data. Anchor has been called “full of dead podcasts,” but things have changed since Spotify acquired Anchor in February 2019.
  • Staying strong: BBC News speaks with “Maryam,” an anonymous podcaster examining the issue of domestic violence in her home country of Iran. Through the show, other women are “coming forward to share unflinching accounts of their experience” for the first time.
  • Group chat: In a Spotify for Podcasters article, Wil Williams discusses the power of playlists with the hosts of NPR’s Code Switch and Throughline. To keep offerings “fluid and holistic,” the creators organize and adapt their episode collections based on listener feedback.

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