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    PodMov Daily: Wednesday, August 12

    Episode 262: Your Midweek Update

    As Amazon Music Plans for Podcasts, Read the Fine Print

    In an effort to challenge Apple, Google, and Spotify, Amazon and Audible plan to offer podcasts from third parties directly on their platforms. In a “confidential” (widely shared) email on Monday, the company offered many producers the opportunity to submit their shows’ feeds early. But there’s quite a catch.

    Those who started the process were greeted with this fine print in the content license agreement: Podcasts “may not include advertising or messages that disparage or are directed against Amazon or any Service,” nor may they “promote or contain […] content that in [Amazon’s] judgment is inappropriate or offensive.”

    Based on everything podcasting has stood for since its inception, from the open internet to free speech, these terms are unrealistic to say the least. “Technically, it’s not censorship ― only governments can do that,” says Ben Lovejoy of 9to5Mac. But given the principles of distribution, “it’s a pretty close approximation.”

    Weekly Community Recap: A Better Way to Virtual

    Are all virtual events the same? As gatherings make the switch to virtual, it’s clear that quality stands out. This week’s community update delivers the details on Podcast Movement’s decision making process behind PM Virtual, and we couldn’t be more excited to share. Our community deserves the best.

    How can we take an outstanding educational conference, networking event, and trade show into an online-only format? It’s a tall order. But with plenty of feedback and trial-and-error, speakers and attendees can engage as effectively, or better, than before. Find out how, and register to speak, right here.

    Get Your Free Guide: Become a Podcast Guest, Grow Your Business

    Appearing as a podcast guest is proven effective for driving awareness and new sales. It builds your reputation, increases social media traffic, and creates more and better backlinks. How can you best expose your content to new audiences? How can you ensure long-term ROI?

    With the downloadable guide “How to Grow Your Audience and Influence By Appearing as a Guest on Podcasts: The 2020 Guide to Podcast Guesting and Podcast Guesting Agencies,” you’ll be ready to amplify your message to thousands of listeners. Preparation pays, and this guide is packed with resources to power your strategy.

    From focused Facebook groups to full-service agencies, there are dozens of ways to approach podcast guesting. Much more than a list, this is your ticket to leveraging best practices of content marketing. Stronger impressions are just pages away!

    This is the real secret of life ― to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Ahoy, matey: Anchor could automatically delete your account without warning, warns James Cridland of Podnews. Repurposing one’s own podcast content may result in automated episode removal (or obliteration of entire accounts) as part of a crackdown on piracy.
    • Danger zone: Why should a podcaster pay for show hosting when they could theoretically host it on their own site? Colin Gray of The Podcast Host explains how storage limitations can sink your progress, both financially and practically: “A podcast makes for a very big file.”
    • Home improvement: In a Spotify for Podcasters post, the creator of Next Stop discusses transforming the most traditional of TV formats into audio. Melissa Locker speaks with Eric Silver about the making of the 10-episode series that “sounds like your favorite ‘90s sitcom.”

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