Aspiring Latinx: An Inclusive Seat at Chicago’s Podcast Table


PodMov Daily: Thursday, April 9

Episode 181: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Aspiring Latinx: An Inclusive Seat at Chicago's Podcast Table

Ariel Parrella-Aureli of Chicago Reader speaks with the creators of Aspiring Latinx, a new bilingual podcast from the city debuting May 1. Within the white-dominated industry, Jocelyn Moreno and Emily Santos aim to diversify access and “give the local Latinx community a seat at the podcast table.”

The podcast grew from an earlier magazine Moreno and Santos published called Aspiring Latinas. Its evolved audio iteration “tells the stories of everyday Latinx Chicagoans from different perspectives, industries, and identities to build community, empower one another, and accurately represent the community in the media,” Parrella-Aureli writes.

“The goal is to have a platform that brings together the Latinx community because I feel like there's such a disconnect with Latinx in terms of generations,” Santos said. This rift is just one topic on a show that isn’t afraid to smash stereotypes. Moreno and Santos are going strong into new projects and a second season.

Pod People: Tips from the HQ of Remote Audio Production

Rachael King and Eliza Lambert are the leaders of Pod People, a fully distributed production company, development firm, and staffing agency that has operated fully remotely since its beginning. The two shared their essential long-distance toolkit with Katie Ferguson of Spotify for Podcasters.

For each of the 600+ independent audio professionals at Pod People, the remote model is second nature. Lambert explains that right now, the goal is to get clients comfortable with new tools, “from Zoom calls to SquadCast to the microphones that we're sending so that they can record at home.”

King details routines and practices that keep teams connected, like a Monday morning “video sync.” Looking ahead, she sees podcasters embracing the distance. In addition to shows pivoting content-wise, “I also think that we'll see a lot of new shows that people will start that will be remote first.”

Omny Campaign Manager: World-Class Ad Tech for Podcasters

When it comes to harnessing the power and efficiency of podcasts to grow revenue and reach target audiences, Triton Digital’s enterprise-level podcast solution, Omny Studio, is raising the bar. Creators around the world are leveraging Omny’s powerful Campaign Manager to dynamically insert their own pre-, mid-, and/or post-roll ads into their podcasts.

You know your listeners ― Omny can help you reach them. Powerful hyper-targeting enables publishers to match content to specific audiences. The best part? You have full control of your messaging, which can be customized by episode, publish date, geography, and more to keep it both timely and relevant for your audience.

Finding sponsors is easy, too, as Omny Studio’s integrations with network partners can help connect you with premium advertisers. Find your perfect advertising fit, whether it's through embedded video, native host-read ads, direct sold campaigns, or programmatic advertising.

Additionally, the comprehensive reporting dashboard within Omny Studio enables you to monitor campaign performance in real time, tracking impressions by flight, position, and program so you’re always up to date.

Why wait another day to engage your podcast audience and grow your revenue?

Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Double vision: The audio tech company Voxnest has officially integrated with Nielsen for the use of Nielsen Audience Segments. Programmatic advertisers will be able to deepen targeting based on data like purchase intent, demographics, and media consumption.
  • Rain check: Pulitzer Prize announcements have been postponed until May 4. For the first time, the a creator in the Audio Reporting category will be honored. Poynter reports that the ceremony, originally slated for April 20, will be delivered via livestream.
  • Deluxe blender: Brian Benton of Discover Pods shares his top picks among audio mixers, comparing features of 6 popular models. Most podcasters add a mixer “because [they] have multiple channels that need to be controlled and recorded simultaneously.”
  • Easy hike: Buzzsprout offers a complete review and walkthrough of the Hindenburg Journalist Pro audio editor. Unlike complex programs “originally designed for music production,” this software “was designed specifically for journalists and podcasters.”

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