Audio Latency: Discussion and Solutions from The Podcast Host


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, April 28

Episode 193: Testing, One Two-sday

Audio Latency: Discussion and Solutions from The Podcast Host

Consider the time between me clapping my hands, and you hearing it. In podcasting, what happens within that space “affects performance or reliability in our online recordings.” Matthew Boudreau of The Podcast Host explains the concept of latency in audio and how to control its factors.

First, the essentials. “In audio, latency refers to the delay between when a signal is sent and the audio is heard in the monitors,” Boudreau establishes. A helpful chart illustrates the signal flow of audio when recording on a computer. Each step of the audio chain adds latency to some degree.

Though it can’t be eliminated entirely, latency is adjustable for computer and internet recording. This piece outlines both processes, noting that the goal is to “reduce the latency in our own equipment as much as possible and limit the amount of data we send.” May we all sound closer together.

Spotify for Podcasters: The Intimate Audio Art of Mermaid Palace

In a Spotify for Podcasters post, Wil Williams explores the intimate projects of audio art company Mermaid Palace. Founder Kaitlin Prest, the creator of PRX podcast The Heart, was joined by collaborators Phoebe Unter, Nicole Kelly, and Drew Denny for a conversation about vulnerability.

“When it comes to intimacy in audio, Prest's work has always taken the concept to new depths,” Williams writes. Since 2008 the artist “has aimed to tackle the most pressing, personal, pervasive questions around love, sex, and relationships.” In 2017 The Heart was named a Peabody Award finalist.

Mermaid Palace communicates that public soul-baring is worth the discomfort. As Unter tells Williams, “Vulnerability is compelling. It's compelling for the audience, but you might be surprised how compelled you are to tell your own story.” The drama Appearances will launch in August.

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The greatest use of a life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Hey, educators: Tomorrow, Wednesday April 29, The New York Times and The Learning Network will present a live webinar, “Teaching Students How to Produce Their Own Podcasts.” Teachers, professors, school administrators, and parents are eligible to register.
  • Fresh coat: Marco Werman is currently hosting The World “live from [a] closet with his dog, Frankie, nearby.” John Barth of PRX shares how the organization’s news teams are handling production hurdles, which CCO Andrew Golis calls “an amazing logistical juggle.”
  • Study hall: In Podcast Business Journal, Troy Price draws helpful comparison between ‘podfading’ and dropping out of school. Using proven methods from the world of education, Price suggests that new creators fight the slump by “focusing on the work ahead.”

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