Awkward Interviews: More Survival Tips from Podcasters


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, May 12

Episode 427: Your Midweek Update

Awkward Interviews: More Survival Tips from Podcasters

Thinking on your feet during awkward situations is easier said than done, especially when you’re recording. This Wednesday we’re back with the second installment of awkward podcast interview wisdom. Larell Scardelli spoke with experienced hosts about how they handled their most uncomfortable moments.

What if a guest says something outrageous or inappropriate for your show? Dyking Out co-host Carolyn Bergier has learned to adapt from this experience: “Usually when we disagree with guests, like the one who said she believes the government controls the weather, we let it slide. This time, we couldn't.”

Scardelli’s actionable takeaways are the ticket to smoother conversations. “Thanks to our featured hosts, you’ll be armed with some strategies and confidence to navigate the bumps, as well as the knowledge that sometimes, interviews don’t make it. And that’s okay.” Be sure to check out Part 1 for the full ride.

First Round of PM21 Speakers Announced

This week’s update introduces the first round of speakers for Podcast Movement 2021. Over 300 experts will be taking the stage in Nashville, including Buzzsprout marketing head Alban Brooke and Domino Sound co-founder Alexandra di Palma. Check out the full list (so far) here. 

We're proud to announce programming like “Language Diversity: The Movement to Podcast in Spanish” presented by Andrea López-Cruzado of Futuro Media, Diferente host Maribel Quezada Smith, and NPR Audio Storytelling Specialist Jerome Socolovsky. Stay tuned next week for the second round.

In other news, the PM21 Scholarship Program launches this week. Scholarship support is available to help cover registration for new or yet-to-launch podcasters who will be attending a PM event for the first time. The deadline to apply is June 18. 

HubSpot Podcast Network: Listen. Learn. Grow.

HubSpot was built on a simple truth about business: Growth is powered by bringing value to your audience. Now, HubSpot Podcast Network is giving creators who deliver outsized value to their audiences a platform to amplify their voices. This brand-new audio destination brings together best-in-class business shows that educate and inspire — all in one place. 

On HubSpot Podcast Network, your show could join top-performing shows like Entrepreneurs on Fire, MarTech Podcast, and My First Million to reach millions of business leaders.

Business podcasters are growth-oriented, and so are their audiences. HubSpot Podcast Network’s primary objective is to grow each show so that more people can benefit from its content. It’s time to harness your ambitions and help listeners do the same. Ready to explore?

Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Sound unbound: Why not leverage podcasting to showcase your podcasting work? Inspired by the Up Next concept, Evo Terra explains how to make an audio highlight reel in the form of a new show. Creators that offer podcast-related services may find the format especially useful.
  • Trying times: Spotify is far from the only app that lets users share timestamped podcast episodes. Lifehacker has instructions for making them on Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Castbox, RadioPublic, and YouTube. Perhaps now “your friend will actually listen to it.”
  • Big picture: Rephonic has released a free podcast reach tool that estimates how many listeners can be reached by topic. Brands and sponsors can use it to gauge niche potential, and creators can gather statistics and background information on any topic’s six most popular shows. 
  • Long game: Acast shares tips from three of its network creators that recently began podcasting full-time. Horror podcaster Jon Grilz (Creepy) shoots straight: “The day it feels like work more than play is the day that it’s going to get really difficult to sit down in front of a mic.” 

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