Bello Collective: A Conversation with Avery Trufelman of Articles of Interest


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, May 13

Episode 204: Your Midweek Update

Bello Collective: A Conversation with Avery Trufelman of Articles of Interest

In an intimate interview for Bello Collective, journalist and American Submitter host Imran Ali Malik speaks with Avery Trufelman. In 2013 at the age of 22, Trufelman “filed her fourth-ever radio story as an intern at 99% Invisible.” The second season of her spinoff podcast Articles of Interest launches today.

Articles of Interest has evolved like its subject: fashion and the history of clothing. “I prefer doing stories about things to stories about people,” Trufelman tells Malik. “Talking about an object is almost like a cheat to find the deeper story.” She discusses Twitter, a Neil Gaiman speech about art, and her family background in public radio.

“Of all the producers who have worked with 99% Invisible over the years, Trufelman is the first and only one to be given a green light to produce her own series,” Malik writes. “It’s a testament not only to her talent, but her growing ambitions in the stories she wants to tell.”

PM Community Update: Social Media Marketing Tips

This week’s community update gathers crowdsourced tips for social media podcast promotion. Members of the PM Facebook group share their social media strategies for a variety of platforms, providing examples of posts and ideas for staying connected with listeners.

For stageside social media strategy, check out Allison Melody and Whitney Lauritsen’s session from PM Evolutions, now available for all. The two cover how to create impact and influence through “savable, shareable content that ranks you higher in the algorithm.”

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Toast proposed: Selected for the PRX/Google Podcasts Creator Program and nominated for multiple Webby Awards, AfroQueer is on the rise. Rob Rosenthal discusses the podcast about LGBTQ people in Africa with executive director Selly Thiam.
  • On display: As tested by Podnews editor James Cridland, the new Google Podcasts Manager allows users to submit shows. Matthew McLean of The Podcast Host explains how to submit or claim ownership of a show in Google Podcasts.
  • Unique take: In Discover Pods, Frank Racioppi encourages creators to “narrowcast” when considering a new show idea. “Topics that generate thousands of podcasts can still stand out in the crowd by finding a new angle to a familiar subject.”
  • Spreading joy: According to China's first survey on podcast listeners, more than half of respondents say they listen daily. Podnews breaks down key findings from “2020 Survey: A Look at Chinese Podcast Listeners,” conducted by PodFest China.

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