Better Podcasting: The Storyteller’s Emergency Kit


PodMov Daily: Friday, January 29

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Better Podcasting: The Storyteller’s Emergency Kit

Documentary podcaster Doug Fraser knows from experience: “Whatever you call it, getting stumped is an inevitable part of storytelling (and podcasting as a whole). But it’s whether you let it derail you that matters.” Fraser’s bite-sized list of questions and advice reliably puts his podcasting process back on track. 

Every podcaster develops their episodes differently, but this versatile kit likely has you covered. “To find a solution, you may need to reframe your perspective, escape, or set out on an adventure,” Fraser says. He suggests several creative thought exercises as well as actual exercise — leaving the desk behind.

One idea is equal parts offbeat and practical: “Tune into a narrative show you typically wouldn’t touch, and see what happens.” Fraser admits that it may be hard to adjust. “But we can learn something from everyone we meet, and the same goes for podcasts.” If you’re stuck, keep an open mind. Help is on the way.

A Stronger Podcast Niche is All About Context

Apple’s new ‘audio walking experience’ Time to Walk isn’t a podcast. However, the experience and function are remarkably close. writes Dan Misener of Pacific Content sees it as an example of context-specific audio storytelling, which all podcasters can learn from. Niches can be defined by more than subject matter.

“Your podcast needn’t be purpose-built for a specific time, place, or activity — though, for the right show, context-specificity can be a useful framing device,” Misener says. He points to parallel trends across branding and music, like Spotify’s The Get Up, a playlist-based-show intended for weekday mornings. 

“Here’s the meta-point: your podcast should be designed with a strong understanding of your audience, their needs, and their desires,” Misener suggests. “Who are they? Where are they? What do their daily habits and routines look like?” Each pocket of listening time is valuable, even if your show isn’t playing.

BrandStoryCasting: B2B Podcasting Made Simple

Your business has a story to tell. Effective content marketing starts with bringing that story to life. With BrandStoryCasting, all you need for a professional-quality B2B podcast is a computer and microphone. From voiceover to audio editing, expert producers take care of the rest. 

BrandStoryCasting manages every step of creating and distributing your podcast series. Each package includes a prep session, custom intro and outro, music, and a fully guided, private recording session for you and two guests — no technical experience needed.

As you build brand awareness and generate leads, the sound of your message matters. BrandStoryCasting delivers high-quality podcasts you’ll be proud to share with your network and beyond. Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a series? Take a single-episode test drive at a special introductory rate.

Action is the antidote to despair.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Class act: “Podcasting and Audio Storytelling” was the first of many related courses at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. It was a partnership between Spotify and NYU, which may develop a “podcast certificate program for students at the undergraduate and master’s levels.”
  • Guess not: It’s often said that video will be podcasting’s final form. “You should take those prognostications with a grain of salt. Or maybe a block of salt?” writes podcast philosopher and strategist Evo Terra. Zoom overload isn’t the only obstacle. Audio, like books, just can’t be replaced.
  • Off camera: Film distributors are missing out on “aural gold,” writes Joe Berkowitz of Fast Company. “Commentary tracks belong on podcasts, and it’s ridiculous that they’re not available that way already.” DVD-style star chats are popular on podcasts, and making a comeback on Hulu.
  • Flip phone: SquadCast has added video capability to its remote recording platform. Based on local audio recording technology, videos are recorded locally and uploaded progressively. Video quality is HD 720 x 1280 at 30 frames per second, and audio is increasing to a 48 kHz sample rate.

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