Black Podcasting Awards: Inaugural Event Coming in September


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Black Podcasting Awards: Inaugural Event Coming in September

The first-ever Black Podcasting Awards, “a celebration of the ownership and creation of content for the black experience in the world of podcasting,” will take place on Sunday, September 27. Executive Director Georgie-Ann Getton-Mckoy originally suggested the idea in a tweet, to overwhelming response.

“We aim to elevate black voices within the audio creation field. Voices that may not receive the recognition they deserve, in a marketplace that often overlooks the candor of black digital expressionists,” the organizers say. “We are here to bridge the gap, amplify our own and celebrate those who have paved the way.”

Until July 31, podcasters can apply within up to 3 of the 19 categories, which include Best Black Business Podcast, Best Black Mental Wellness, and Best LGBTQ Podcast. Nominees will be announced in mid-September, and winners will be announced during a live broadcast with guest presenters and more.

Sean Howard on Rethinking Podcast Audience Demographics

“The key to growing any audience is clarity and focus — to understand our audience better than anyone else,” writes brand marketer Sean Howard, co-founder of the Fable and Folly Network. In part two of the series “Podcast Marketing that Works,” Howard shares how to create better surveys and why we should rethink demographic definitions.

For demographics, “It is likely that we have been programmed to expect something like: 60% female, household income over $60K and 2.5 children. But this is one of the least helpful ways to define an audience.” Using that same information, Howard shows that the depth of audience insight can be scaled from ‘lackluster’ to ‘vibrant.’

Realistically, robust survey and analysis tools are out of reach for most. Howard shows how free options, like Google Forms, can be optimized. “Marketing a show successfully is less about which marketing programs, tools or frameworks we choose to use, and instead about the profundity of the understanding we have about our audience.”

Build Your Audio Skills with Mike Russell’s Best of Podcasting Playlist

Pro audio producer Mike Russell’s tutorials on branding, podcasting, and video editing have been favorites in the audio world for years, and he's famous for wowing audiences at conferences like Podcast Movement and Adobe MAX.

Today, his Adobe Audition classes are available for creators everywhere. Mike’s best-of compilation for Podcasting is now on the Music Radio Creative YouTube channel. 16 tutorials cover everything from noise reduction (removing wind noise, mic pops, plosives, hiss and static) to editing tips that save hours. 

Podcast production is complex, but Mike makes it easy to build skills at every level. Ready to have a great-sounding podcast and more fun making it? Tune in to learn how to use advanced features, streamline your workflow, and get the most out of Audition.

You never really learn much from hearing yourself speak.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Ol' switcheroo: What if your podcast’s name no longer fits? When is a complete rebrand the right move? The team at Buzzsprout explains how and why to go about updating your show’s image, while retaining and serving the audience you’ve built.
  • Ever closer: Virtual everything has reached saturation, but Edison Research SVP Tom Webster sees an opportunity for outstanding podcast events: “Don’t treat it simply like a video version of your typical show. Treat it like it’s the last show you will ever do.”
  • Ears forward: MarTech Series’ Sudipto Ghosh speaks with Hilary Ross, VP of Podcast Media at Veritone One, about the challenges and nature of podcast advertising. They discuss the future of production and consumption, “especially for female listeners.”

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