Casual Friday: Sirius Hostility and Serious Mullets


Welcome back to Casual Friday! We've got scorched-earth corporate tactics, awkward politicians, champion hairstyles, and the only meme that matters.

PodMov Daily: Friday, August 19

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Casual Friday: Sirius Hostility and Serious Mullets

  • SiriusXM has gone scorched-earth in its response to a lawsuit filed by The National Association of the Deaf and Disability Rights Activists in December. Obtained by Podnews, the “aggressively-worded 32-page document” calls the demand for podcast transcripts “unnecessary” and a “public assault.”
  • Why are politicians so bad at podcasting? Derek Robertson of Politico figured it out after listening to 10 hours of them in a single day. “The experience was not entirely without moments of joy or curiosity…but overall it was characterized by a crushing, mind-melting boredom.” His complete analysis is insightful and a pleasure to read.
  • Apple Podcasts is launching two new charts for paid podcasts: Top Subscriber Shows and Top Subscriber Channels. They’re available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. As Podnews reminds us this week: Apple’s charts show what’s trending and are “wholly unrelated to downloads or long-term popularity.”

Here's what else is going on:

  • Here’s the first issue of Soundbite, Ashley Carman’s newsletter about the audio industry. We recommend subscribing: Each week the Bloomberg reporter (formerly of The Verge and Hot Pod) will cover the music and podcasting worlds, complete with a little “soul-nourishing gossip.”
  • Big-picture podcasting advice won’t help you address a specific pain point, explains Evo Terra. ‘Secret’ little solutions are often found in conversation with more experienced creators. Tip: A “grizzled ex-bartender,” not a master mixologist, holds the key to an improved Manhattan.
  • This year’s child Mullet Championship is all business in the front, party in the back. Finalists are sporting fine Kentucky Waterfalls, from shorn-in American flag styles to the “classier Mozart-esque flowing curly locks look.” How does this relate to podcasting? It does not. Enjoy.
  • Scratch all of the above. There’s really only one thing that matters this week:

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What's coming up:

  • “Podcast Show Notes” from the Black Podcasters Association is this Thursday, August 25. Danielle Desir Corbett (The Thought Card) will discuss the function of episode descriptions, which details to include, and how to optimize the benefits. $10 registration for non-members.
  • “How to Think Structurally” from Dustlight Productions is on Wednesday, August 31. In a hands-on workshop, Creative Director Arwen Nicks will dissect what structure is, why it matters, and how to utilize it as a tool for better podcasting. $75 registration; assistance available.
  • “Trademarking 101 for Independent Audio Makers” from SoundPath is coming up on September 14. Attorney Patrick J. Kondas will cover the basics of brand protection and give podcasters the knowledge to register trademarks without hiring counsel. $25 registration for non-AIR members.

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