A Closer Look at Podcasting’s Lack of “New Hits”


PodMov Daily: Monday, January 24

Episode 575: Your Monday Mix

A Closer Look at Podcasting’s Lack of “New Hits”

The Bloomberg article “Podcasting Hasn’t Produced A New Hit In Years” wasn’t wrong, says Edison Research SVP Tom Webster. After some time marinating, his own take is thoughtfully spicy. “I think it's unfair for a couple of reasons, and it isn't wrong that there is a problem, but it is wrong about what the problem is.”

Essentially the Bloomberg piece suggested that the millions being poured into production could be going to waste because “the average podcast in the top 10 is more than seven years old.” Companies aren’t producing new hits, and “Pretty much everyone agrees on the reason. There are more podcasts than ever before.”

Webster, whose company’s US Top 50 Podcasts ranker was used as a data point, explains that a ‘new hits’ critique doesn’t make sense for the medium at this point. This is recommended reading: He digs into the structure of a hit, the power of popular franchises, and pitches a TV show that would make us sign up for cable.

Pronouncing Names Correctly is a Podcaster’s Job

Botching the pronunciation of a guest’s name keeps Rehmatullah Sheikh up at night. Since working with podcasts, the Pacific Content producer has come to realize that his own name (“a mouthful”) deserves the same respect and effort. For podcasters, unfamiliar names can be an opportunity instead of an obstacle.

On the guidance of an Arabic tutor, Sheikh found himself at a crossroads: “Should I give up my decades-long strategy of soft-balling my name, and offering an easier pronunciation with ‘Rehmat’? Or should I go all out, enunciate the full ‘Rehmatullah’, and create a teaching moment for listeners… however long this takes?”

For more on name and place pronunciations, multilingual journalist Jerome Socolovsky brings the tips. The NPR Training team’s Audio Storytelling Specialist offers clear answers to awkward questions like “How closely should you try to mimic a native speaker if you’re not one?” Here’s how to get it right.

Podcast Measurement with Accuracy & Scale

Actionable insights from podcast measurement are the key to impactful campaigns. Claritas’ measurement methodology starts with the highest-quality data, fed through their Identity Graph to accurately measure the true impact campaigns have on driving online and offline conversions.         

Identity graphs are not all created equal. To discuss why, Chase Miller, EVP of Business Development at Claritas, recently spoke with adtech expert Bryan Barletta at Sounds Profitable. Their fireside chat dives into just how critical the right graph can be to effective and accurate podcast campaign measurement. 

Curiosity about the world and all its corners is a beautiful thing.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Free sample: “You’re probably using teasers all wrong” if you’re an indie podcaster, writes Carrie Caulfield Arick. The editor, producer, and YaYa Podcasting founder explains why ‘priming’ a listener means “forcing them to ask some sort of question that they now need to be answered.”
  • All aboard: This Thursday at 2:00 pm ET is “Going Beyond the Listener,” an accessible podcasting webinar from 3Play Media. Web accessibility consultant and A11y Rules host Nic Steenhout will share expert tips and tricks for making an inclusive show. Free registration and replay.
  • Trophy case: Podchaser has rounded up 12 of this year’s podcast award opportunities. (We’ll add Third Coast, the Black Podcasting Awards, the Latin Podcast Awards, and the Golden Crane Podcast Awards.) Considering applying? Check the Podcasting, Seriously Awards Fund first.

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