Comic Stripped: How Podcasting’s Comedians Maintain the Flow


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Comic Stripped: How Podcasting's Comedians Maintain the Flow

In these days of mandatory distance, comedy podcasts face unique obstacles. “Without the ability to meet face-to-face, the dynamics change, which can affect the style, approach, and kinds of jokes that result,” writes Becca James of Vulture. James caught up with some of the genre’s top hosts and producers to see how they’re adapting.

Some shows have opted for audio-only sessions. Though visual chemistry may be interrupted, Nichole Perkins of Thirst Aid Kit says, “We've found that recording with no video helps remove any delay or sound hiccups.” Chemda Khalili of Keith and the Girl suggests a silent peek: “To gel better together, we see each other’s faces on FaceTime through our phones on mute.”

Conversely, Scott Aukerman and the Comedy Bang! Bang! crew have been using Zoom to record. To avoid overlap, he began raising his hand before speaking. “It seems to have worked,” James says of the surprisingly polished result. “In fact, Aukerman says it’s ‘not quite as awkward as the few times I’ve had people call into the show.’”

Tim Ferriss: Now's the Time to Confront Your Fears and Desires

On a new episode of The National Podcast of Texas, host Andy Langer of Texas Monthly speaks with renowned podcaster and author Tim Ferriss. During the conversation, Ferriss “outlines his own quarantine routine, the opportunities for growth that quarantine might present, and how to look for silver linings in very uncertain times.”

Retaining mental and emotional control during this time “doesn’t have to be a big thing,” Ferriss explains. “It could just be having the same cup of coffee in the same mug. But I do find a consistent routine to be very helpful and it frees up a lot of my cognitive cycles, so that I can hopefully make better decisions.”

As far as reframing the idea of quarantine for personal growth, Ferriss’ girlfriend leads the charge. “She said there’s a chance that this passes faster than we would expect and we realize we missed a really golden window of opportunity to […] pause and reflect on certain things that we just don’t allow ourselves during other times.”

, a leader in fine audio interfaces, is making the dream of rich, professional-quality sound closer than ever.

Focusrite and some of the best brands in content creation are bringing three podcasters complete studio makeovers, valued at over $2300 each, and the chance to be featured in a Focusrite-produced video project.

Your dream studio begins with the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 3rd Gen Audio Interface, from the best-selling range in the world. Along with a microphone from Heil Sound, headphones from ADAM Audio, and more, winners will score:

  • Free hosting for a month from Simplecast
  • Design session and $500 credit with Audimute for a custom sound treatment solution
  • Lil Namba Remix backpack

Entrants must submit an audio sample of their podcast, along with a brief pitch video. The competition runs through April 17, so now’s your chance!

A word after a word after a word is power.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Priority boarding: According to Podnews, Google will be “sending some people an early invite to something called the Google Podcasts Manager, an analytics tool which ‘helps you get to know your audience better and reach new listeners.’” Updates are forthcoming.
  • Mystery machine: Lore creator Aaron Mahnke has signed a multi-year partnership extension with iHeartMedia. In addition to continuing his other popular shows, Mahnke will be developing five new podcasts and continue as an executive producer of Strange Arrivals.
  • Info economy: China’s major domestic podcast providers are rushing to meet demand for virus-related updates, reports Liu Yukun of China Daily. Ximalaya FM, Qingting FM and Lizhi FM, “the big three,” have all launched special features to attract new listeners.
  • Muffle shuffle: Stuck recording in an echoey room? Buzzsprout co-founder Kevin Finn demonstrates some creative problem solving with foam sound panels, foam core boards, inexpensive bass traps, and Command strips. Your walls, and your listeners, will thank you.

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