CU Denver: Lifting Women Philosophers Through Academic Podcasting


PodMov Daily: Friday, May 22

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CU Denver: Lifting Women Philosophers Through Academic Podcasting

“Podcasts are democratizing information — and that’s a good thing,” writes Alicita Rodriguez of The University of Colorado Denver. Sarah Tyson, PhD, who teaches in the Philosophy Department, recently started CU Denver Philosophy Podcasts as a way to communicate with her colleagues.

“Part of the reason I started the philosophy department podcast was to share how philosophers think through world historical events as they are unfolding,” Tyson said. “I think that anyone who has to deal with the everyday concerns of the pandemic has a potential edge in thinking about it.” Six episodes by faculty members cover timely topics like scapegoating and propaganda.

Rodriguez explains how Tyson, also a host of New Books in Philosophy, uses podcasting to increase visibility of feminist thought and women in the field. The series “shows students that women can philosophize,” said Tyson. “That’s a powerful lesson that’s hard to teach merely by insisting it’s true.”

Era of Authenticity: The New Humanity of Stripped-Down Media

From late night television to social media, virus-related constraints “have driven a profound shift in how content is conceived, produced, and consumed,” writes Pacific Content co-founder Steve Pratt. This “stripped-down, personal approach to content” inspired by necessity has become something more.

Scott Newman, the creator and organizer of On Air Fest, observes how podcasting has changed in the absence of slick bells and whistles. “We’re seeing creativity being elevated and challenged,” Newman told Pratt. “It doesn’t feel like the time to sound to be like another podcast that is popular.”

Restrictions have forced us into celebrating imperfection, and audio has been especially prepared. “Now, if you’re a musician and you’re doing a performance, you’re doing it in your living room with no makeup,” said Newman. Podcasters regularly put on excellent shows in sweatpants — we've got this.

Book Launchers: Get Published, Grow Your Podcast

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Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Comic relief: On Wednesday May 27, Acast will host a free virtual event about comedy in podcasting. Registration is now open for Feed Drop: Laughter Is The Best Medicine, featuring special guest panelist and legendary comedian Margaret Cho.
  • Full schedule: Women of Color Podcasters founder and CEO Danielle Desir has announced a monthly membership, WOC Podcasters Insiders. The group includes a resource library, courses, workshops, focus groups, and live mentoring sessions.
  • Basically Godzilla: In light of the Joe Rogan acquisition, Ashley Carman of The Verge examines Spotify’s recent moves. With this and its real-time targeted ad insertion, the company may “possibly control podcasting in an unprecedented way.”
  • Dance track: How many podcasts are using music, licensed or unlicensed? The analytics firm Pex has released new data based on “32,402,790 unique podcast episodes” suggesting that just under 17% contain at least 10 seconds of tunes.

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