Daren Lake Gets Creative: The Art and Science of Episode Ideas


PodMov Daily: Thursday, May 28

Episode 214: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Daren Lake Gets Creative: The Art and Science of Episode Ideas

Struggling with episode ideas may be a part of every podcaster’s experience. However, award-winning audio producer Daren Lake would “love to use evidence based science to help you out.” Lake’s exceptional guest article for The Podcast Host covers four main areas of the process, which thrives on the unexpected.

“It’s a fun mental experiment because it gives you something to constantly be improving upon (input) while also having tons of material and podcast episode topics (output),” Lake writes of the self-tested model. “Coming up with something brilliant doesn’t happen on demand. You need to have systems, processes, and triggers to tease these out.”

Lake’s systems do the difficult work of organizing intangible thoughts: “When you sit down to come up with a topic, you need to have large buckets to pull from that will lead to a great podcast episode.” These defined buckets are just the beginning — Lake dives into research sources, asymmetrical thinking, and more.

Guest Spots: The Minor Leagues of Major Interviews

Small podcasts can be a big help, says CPA and financial counselor Howard S. Dvorkin. In a piece for Entrepreneur, he explains how these spots benefit one’s professional acuity and personal brand: “I’ve been a guest on two podcasts you’ve never heard of — and that’s one big reason I agreed to be a guest.”

Though they may not be the bread and butter of his business, Dvorkin values podcast conversations for their flexibility and skill-building. “Unlike network and cable interviews I’ve done, podcasts let you explain complex topics at length,” he explains. The medium “also helps to craft your message for different audiences.”

As a personal finance author, Dvorkin recently lent his thoughts to Cool Your Heels with Lillian Cauldwell. Shortly after, he hopped on the investment podcast ValueWalk. The size of the show is irrelevant, he figures. “Nothing establishes an entrepreneur’s credibility more than other people calling you an expert.”

“Podcast Attribution”: Smart Methodology for Stronger Campaigns

Podcasting is a smart addition to any advertiser’s media mix, and data-driven strategy powers the most successful campaigns. Claritas® and Market Enginuity® discuss essential insights in a new downloadable whitepaper, “Podcast Attribution and Measurement Solutions.”

Reliable and incremental podcast measurement is the key to a clear-sighted approach. In “Podcast Attribution and Measurement Solutions,” advertisers will learn how to use mixed methodologies to get an accurate picture of the impact of podcast advertising when compared to other channels, as well as the overall lift in conversion.

Informed decisions, based on smarter technology and data-driven intelligence, lead to better results — podcast buyers and sellers need to understand the inner workings of technology and data to drive maximum ROI.

Ready to see what podcast marketing can do? Download “Podcast Attribution and Measurement Solutions” to discover what’s new.

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