Day One: The 8th Annual Podcast Movement Begins


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, August 4

Episode 476: Your Midweek Udpate

Day One: The 8th Annual Podcast Movement Begins 

The first official day of PM has begun in Tennessee and virtually around the world. Sessions begin bright and early with a keynote from Kate Erickson. The ‘engine’ behind Entrepreneurs on Fire will break down an organized workflow 10 years in the making, with 100 million downloads, $20 million in revenue, and growing.

We’ll say it again: Mask up and start some conversations, y'all. Explore the schedule on the PM21 app and Swapcard platform, and don’t hesitate to reach out to other podcasters you admire and companies you’re curious about. Of course this goes for virtual attendees as well, who have a day of networking ahead.

Of all the day’s outstanding sessions, “Owning Your Message and Telling The World Through Podcasting” at 10:30 am and “Podcast Accessibility Beyond Transcripts” at 1:30 pm will certainly be highlights. Be excellent to each other, and stay tuned tomorrow morning for coverage of announcements across the industry.

Audio Podscape: The Industry in Podcast Form

“Every single week, more and more people join the podcast industry, and the truth is, we suck at onboarding,” writes Sounds Profitable editor Bryan Barletta. He and Podnews editor James Cridland have teamed up on the Audio Podscape, a new project to solve the problem of getting newcomers up to speed.

Audio Podscape is a podcast based on the infographic developed by Barletta and Magellan AI in November. Just as the map illustrates how nearly 500 companies relate to one another, the podcast will operate as a sort of reference tool. The first two episodes focus on industry history and current news, respectively.

The idea is for companies to answer a set of questions about themselves, to be made available to the larger space. Jordan Harbinger (The Jordan Harbinger Show) helped craft the list. Audio submissions are being accepted now, and the feed will be free to subscribers of Sounds Profitable and Podnews.

Focusrite: Make Your Audio Content Outstanding

High-quality audio doesn’t just polish your content — it defines it. Focusrite specializes in outstanding equipment for anyone who records sound, from podcasters and streamers to musicians. The world-leading Scarlett range of USB audio interfaces is just the beginning.

No matter what you’re recording, Focusrite has a product for every budget, skill level, and use. The genre-defying musician Andrew Huang is just one creator proving the power of quality audio. Every day on his YouTube channel and social media, millions hear the magic of Focusrite.

When your content sounds its best, you’re inspired to share. Focusrite’s passionately crafted products are ready to go and easy to use, from the professional studio to the closet recording booth. Ready to create with superior audio? The world is listening.

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Stage left: Is there a graceful way to voluntarily end a podcast? Hot Pod’s Aria Bracci explores solutions to the emotional struggle. “I do think that creators should be allowed to break off, semi-permanently or indeed permanently, when they want to without it coming across as ‘ghosting.’”
  • Open door: Four terrific Podcast Movement sessions will stream free today from the Spreaker Live Stage. From 11:15 am to 4:00 pm CT, we’ll hear about podcasting as a public figure, real-time intro improvements, The Podcast Academy, and reaching your first ‘1 million download’ month.
  • Volume boost: A competition from PodcastOne is seeking the platform’s “next big podcast star” to be named on September 30, International Podcast Day. Open to amateur creators, Self Made Podcast Edition will weigh public downloads to award a contract and network promotion.
  • Strong start: Science journalist Carolyn Wilke’s guide to freelance audio journalism covers developing an ear, building skills, and landing work. “Training workshops and a supportive community of audio reporters can help newbies gain their footing and eventually land freelance assignments.”

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