Day Two: News From Nashville and What’s Ahead


PodMov Daily: Thursday, August 5

Episode 477: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Day Two: News From Nashville and What’s Ahead

The first full day of Podcast Movement was full of energy and insights from some of the industry’s brightest. Day Two kicks off with back-to-back keynotes: First up is “How We Talk About Race in Podcasting,” led by Alicia Montgomery (Slate), Frank Shyong (Asian Enough), and Leah Donnella, (NPR's Code Switch).

“The Future of Content Creation & Ownership” is next, with Fireside co-founders Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi discussing their new app. Yesterday, Tom Webster advised attendees, “If you do one thing today, attend an editing session.” Lucky for you, Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown (Breadfruit Media) will deliver expert education at 2:45.

As you explore the schedule, consider checking out sessions on unfamiliar topics. We’re all here to learn, so (you guessed it) mask up and start some conversations, y'all. Lastly, courtesy of this newsletter, the Nashville Humane Association will return to the Expo Hall with puppies from 1:00 to 5:00. You’re welcome.

Adapt, Expand, and Make Your Podcast Recommendable

According to Edison Research SVP Tom Webster, “How can I grow my audience?” is the wrong question for podcasters to ask. Before you can ask about growth, you need to know why your downloads hit a plateau to begin with. The definitive answer? “Because people stopped recommending your podcast.”

Recommendability, and the surprising reality of how it’s achieved in 2021, was the heart of yesterday’s keynote: “Yes, people do find things through ads, people do find things through cross-promotion…SEO, blogging, et cetera, but what makes a hit in this country, in any medium, are recommendations.” 

Webster revealed some remarkable statistics, including that YouTube is the platform people are most likely to search for that recommended show. Bottom line: Expand, adapt, and embrace the stream. The ways in which we find and consume podcasts have changed enormously — even since last summer. 

Anstandig on the Future: Find Your Next Great Idea

Exploring the future of technology is the key to staying competitive — and sparking inspiration. Anstandig on the Future is a new podcast from tech investor Daniel Anstandig, founder and CEO of Futuri Media. Each episode takes a fresh, informed look at what’s on the horizon, from entrepreneurship to AI.

Daniel’s passion built POST, Futuri’s innovative podcasting system, and AdMatic, technology that makes podcasts more discoverable and monetizable. Now he’s sharing engaging conversations with thought leaders on the future of Apple, content marketing, and even “The Future of Work” in a new episode. 

Ready to discover your next great idea? The future is now, and it’s time to start listening. Visit Daniel’s session on the power of branded podcasts tomorrow at Podcast Movement, and subscribe to Anstandig on the Future wherever you get your podcasts.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Court report: In advance of this morning’s PM panel, ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis shared exclusive insights into The Dropout, her top-rated investigative podcast. The remarkable story of Elizabeth Holmes returns with new episodes this month as the Theranos founder goes to trial for alleged fraud.
  • Hear first: Lantigua Williams & Co., the studio behind the Peabody-nominated 70 Million podcast, is reorganizing and rebranding. Starting today, its new LWC division will encompass all production and consulting work on behalf of clients, and LWC Studios will include existing and new originals.
  • Public service: “It makes all the difference to get a press release that’s good to use,” writes Podnews editor James Cridland. “It slows a journalist down if they have to do extra work.” He outlines the structure and formatting of an ideal press release, complete with photo examples. Metered paywall.
  • Comic strip: HBO Max will begin releasing original podcasts this fall. The first, Batman: The Audio Adventures, is a scripted show that will be available exclusively on the platform. Since 2019 the company has only produced companion podcasts for series like “Chernobyl” and “Lovecraft Country.”

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