Defining Your Vocal Delivery Style Matters. Here’s How.


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Defining Your Vocal Delivery Style Matters. Here’s How.

Science explains why we’re so uncomfortable with our recorded voices. Instead of ‘fixing’ perceived issues, Dr. Larry Cornett suggests defining what does make you comfortable. According to the public speaker and podcaster, “Your vocal delivery style is even more important than the sound of your voice.”

Delivery style is influenced by posture, body language, effective pauses, and other subtleties that we hear in others’ voices. Studying his “vocal hero,” Laurence Fishburne, has helped Cornett immensely. He emphasizes that the goal is not to imitate. “It has to feel like ‘you’ if you are going to be comfortable with it.” 

Paying attention to voices you admire can help alleviate the stress of recording, Cornett says: “I began savoring phrases, playing with words, focusing on being in the moment, and becoming more melodious.” Once you identify your personal Fishburne(s), take notes. TED talks are a great place to go shopping.

What Would Teenagers Say on Their Own Podcasts?

“If you could make your own podcast, what would it be about?” The New York Times recently asked teenagers. In 2005, Andy Bowers wrote The Year of the Podcast, “A status report on a much-hyped new medium.” (It’s truly a must-read.) These responses come from people born around that same year. We’re impressed.


“The rise in social media content that generally lasts between 15 seconds to a minute makes me want to discuss how this time limit could be affecting our attention spans and ability to learn…Overall, I would want my podcast to…make people reconsider the ways that social media can be affecting them.”

Denise, New York

“My podcast would be about making classical music more accessible, and introducing it to people who used to think it was boring…It would also talk about how many pop songs and chord progressions aren’t as simple as they seem, and maybe even a starter guide on how to compose your own music.” 

Gigi, Virginia

“If I were to make my own podcast I would make it for the ‘geeks’ of the world. I believe there is enough pain and damage in our world today, and my podcast would try to combat that…We will look at a bunch of different cool fandoms…all to help unite each of us for a love of creative stories and ideas.” 

Tyler, Cambridge-Isanti High School

“I would use it as a medium to explain different ‘adult’ topics to teens in simple terms…like how to file taxes and the stock market. I would also have listeners submit their own questions. Because I have experience feeling this struggle, I would be able to relate and connect with listeners.”

Cassie, Doylestown, PA

Toyota Untold: The Journeys Behind an Icon

Toyota Untold goes beyond cars and into the journeys behind them, from garages to showrooms past, present, and future. In a brand-new episode, outdoor experts talk how to get started with off-roading, adventuring, and the Toyotas that take them further.

Go off the beaten path with guests like champion bass angler Gerald Swindle, adventure photographer Dan Krauss, and overlanding pro Mike Pfeiffer of Last Line of Defense. They’ll dig into camping, climbing, and biking with the power of a positive attitude.

New journeys start with “How to Buy a Car 101.” Specialists explain the modern buying experience inside and out — and how Toyota makes it easier than ever. Ready to roll? On a mountain path or around the house, tune in to Toyota Untold wherever you get your podcasts.

A good listener is not only popular everywhere, but after a while he gets to know something.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Learning curve: Podnews has the breakdown on Spotify’s new ranking system. The comprehensive “How to understand podcast stats” page now defines the differences between the ‘Top Podcasts’ and ‘Top Episodes’ charts. Details on the Apple Podcasts charts have been updated as well.
  • Open doors: PRX has hired Dr. Byron Green as its Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The organization has shared full details of the new hiring process. As CEO Kerri Hoffman wrote in August, “There are no shortcuts or quick fixes to achieving a truly anti-racist workplace.” 
  • Offbeat news: The updated Apple Podcasts automatically detects a show’s release schedule. Catching up to apps like Overcast and Pocket Casts, show details now include a label, e.g., weekly, monthly, or daily. Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Mac finds that the ‘guess’ isn’t always reliable.
  • Legal tender: Responding to a digital rights group, Spotify says it will “innovate responsibly” in the era of voice activation. As privacy and data security concerns gain momentum (“Hey, Spotify”) the company claims that it has no plans to implement its speech recognition patent.

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