Descript Adds the Capability to Edit Video by Editing Text


PodMov Daily: Thursday, October 22

Episode 312: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Descript Adds the Capability to Edit Video by Editing Text

Descript, which lets users edit audio by editing text, has launched its next phase: Descript Video. In July, the platform innovated with Overdub, “the first technology that enables anyone to create a realistic clone of your own voice.” Expanding into video was always the plan, founder Andrew Mason told TechCrunch. 

“You work with video on Descript in the same way you do audio: you upload the raw material onto the Descript platform, which then turns it into text,” explains Ingrid Lunden. “Then you add new features, or remove sections, or add in new parts, by adding in widgets or cutting out or adding in written words.”

This development is huge for podcasters, and not just those producing parallel video. The processor can import from anywhere, and also includes a screen recorder that can grab external video. The ability to play with images, captions, and overlays will add a new dimension to repurposing podcast content.

The Power of Podcasting for an Underserved Niche

In 2016, ESPN producer Terrika Foster-Brasby pitched a podcast dedicated to women’s basketball. (Men's basketball had four.) “That to me was a whole demographic of fans and a whole niche of fans that were not being served,” she told Nasha Smith of The resulting podcast, Around the Rim, has been the perfect fit.

Foster-Brasby and her co-host, analyst LaChina Robinson, have built a dedicated audience with expert analysis and interviews. As the show grows, Foster-Brasby’s focus is to “simply give all the fans in our sport a place where they can listen to good, diverse education, and expand their knowledge of women’s basketball.”

Around the Rim is a passionate conversation. “We really just wanted to provide the space for everyone in this game, regardless of what your role may be or how big or small,” Foster-Brasby said. “I think that we’ve been able to do that over the last four years and that has really helped to grow our game. We’re really proud of it.”

cabana: Podcast Monetization Done Right

Your podcast is a passion and your business. cabana, the podcast portfolio of AdLarge Media, connects brilliant creators with brands their listeners love. cabana knows the audio space inside and out, supporting podcasters with premium monetization, best-in-class campaign management, analytics, and more.

cabana partners with over 165 podcasts, including top shows in true crime, female lifestyle, sports, and others — all with IABv2 compliant downloads. Top ranked in Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics Report, cabana works harder and smarter to help talented podcasters maximize revenue and reach new audiences.

You need quality ads that fit your content. cabana works with all major podcast and media agencies to make that happen. Creators can access hosting and distribution via Megaphone, turnkey backend operations support, and expert guidance every step of the way. Ready to experience monetization done right?

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Golden fruit: Porsche has baked Apple Podcasts into its Taycan electric vehicle. “It’s the first native integration of the Podcasts app into any car,” reports Kris Holt of Engadget. Owners can link their Apple ID to stream Apple Podcasts without having to connect their iPhone over CarPlay. 
  • Checks out: Spotify users can now prompt Google Assistant devices to play podcasts. Previously “Hey Google” only worked for music. This follows Spotify’s release of Shows With Music, which are what they sound like. The integration is available in English globally.
  • Helping hand: Kempis “Ghani” Songster was sentenced to life in prison at the age of 15. 33 years later, he’s co-producing his own podcast, Move It Forward, in collaboration with the Amistad Law Project. In an essay for Transom, Songster shares his long journey to audio storytelling. 
  • Little boxes: Podnews has updated its guide to embedding podcast players into your website. James Cridland explains how to use players from Spotify, RadioPublic, Castbox, and Podfriend. Each automatically updates with new episodes and will work with any podcast host.

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