It’s Time to Reconsider the “Podcaster” Identity


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, October 20

Episode 524: Your Midweek Update

It's Time to Reconsider the “Podcaster” Identity

According to Eric Nuzum, podcasters are audio makers, but they’re not in the audio business. Following his podcasting masterclass at Radiodays Europe earlier this month, the veteran creator, strategist, and Magnificent Noise co-founder was asked to deliver five ideas around podcasting. Here’s a quick preview.

“Idea Number 1: Don’t be a podcaster.” Nuzum encourages podcasters and radio producers alike to think of themselves as “audio makers.” Worrying about platforms will only limit your perceived versatility. To let go of that label now is to save yourself existential anxiety in 10 years when something new comes along. 

“Idea Number 4: You are not in the audio business.” Those that make podcasts are in the community building business, Nuzum says: “You are establishing a hub for a community of people who love a subject or a topic and want to…interact about it.” Fostering that hub isn’t optional if you plan to grow.

Social Media is an Experiment. Start Here.

“Having a social media presence for your podcast is necessary (and can even be fun),” says Arielle Nissenblatt. “But PLEASE know that it most likely won't bring you large-scale conversions from scrollers to listeners.” On Twitter, the Community Manager and EarBuds founder sets the record straight.

Nissenblatt specializes in the practical, measurable strengths of social media. Though you don’t have to be on every platform, she advises, “Your content should differ from one platform to another. Your calls to action should differ from one platform to another.” Don’t be afraid to experiment and scrap what loses traction.

On Twitter and beyond, it’s worth learning what ineffective posts look like. The example given is like a what’s-wrong-with-this-picture puzzle with few clues. It may look like a typical new-episode announcement (because it is), but where are the mistakes? Read on for actionable tips from the friendliest expert around.

State of Audio: What’s Next for Advertisers, October 27

Podcasts. Promos. Pixels. Power influencers. The audio landscape is changing, and listenership is surging. What’s next? For advertisers of every size, here’s how to stay ahead of the curve. On October 27, you’re invited to join State of Audio, a webinar hosted by Audacy with the industry’s top marketing minds.

Claritas’ VP of Sales Omer Jilani and a panel of experts will be discussing the four most powerful trends shaping the audio space. Specializing in research and measurement, they’ll dive into real-world brand use cases — from podcast measurement and creative best practices to immersion secrets for deeper consumer connection.

In a shifting industry, trend insights are critical for improving ROI and campaign strategies. Ready to meet sales, conversion, and other KPI goals with confidence? State of Audio is the key to a stronger future.

When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Fresh future: On October 27, the Webby Awards will host “Way Too New,” a talk with Podcast Movement President Dan Franks. He and Webby Managing Director Rithesh Menon will dive into building more impactful experiences across the internet, podcasts, and beyond. Free registration. 
  • Game theory: “Spotify didn’t buy Anchor because it’s a fun place to play at podcasting,” writes Bryan Barletta. “They saw a business case.” In Sounds Profitable, he predicts that “Spotify will be a major factor in podcast advertising exceeding the IAB’s projections of $2bn by 2023.”
  • Short stack: It’s a fallacy that most successful podcasters make primary income from their shows, says Evo Terra in Podcast Pontifications. Think long-term benefits: A well-produced podcast is worth much more than its direct payoff, especially if it supports an established business. 
  • TV guide: Did “Only Murders in the Building” do podcasting justice? For Time’s Eliana Dockterman, the first season of Hulu’s mystery-comedy nails our obsession with true-crime — complete with ethical issues, cliffhangers, and “embarrassing” ads that became a running joke for Serial fans.

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