Evo Terra: How to Reframe (and Choose) Podcasting Opportunities


PodMov Daily: Thursday, August 13

Episode 263: Your Thursday Podthoughts

Evo Terra: How to Reframe (and Choose) Podcasting Opportunities

In Evo Terra’s Podcast Pontifications, the podcaster, author, and radio broadcaster asks an impactful question: “Should you grow your podcasting business through any means necessary, or by leaving room for the right opportunities?” Terra breaks down his thought process, honed by 16 years in the game. 

It’s helpful to differentiate between things you can do (but don’t want to do) and “things you don’t want to do forever.” Many creators in the industry have a wide range of marketable skills. Terra quotes the author Robert A. Heinlein: “Specialization is for insects.” Keeping an open and realistic mind is key when choosing projects.

Say “there’s a perfect podcasting project you really want to work with, but there’s no (or very little) budget for your services.” Your personal right answer may not be clear upfront. Terra explains how, with money and relationships, “I know the world beyond my bubble of influence is filled with opportunities I can’t see.”

For Versatile Podcast Artwork, Think Beyond the Square

“In ‘now playing’ screens, in search results, and across dozens of podcast directories and websites, square artwork is everywhere,” writes Dan Misener of Pacific Content. “But for many podcasts, square artwork isn’t enough.” Misener points to social media, expertly explaining why creators need to expand.

“Don’t think of your show’s square artwork as its primary visual asset,” Misener advises. Most presentations won’t fit that format. “Consider all the different places your show will appear (podcast apps, social platforms, email newsletters, websites, etc.), then design your show’s artwork with flexibility in mind.”

Misener always provides effective examples. In this case, it’s “context-appropriate square and landscape artwork” from hit podcasts Reply All and S-Town. Don’t settle for stretched-out, distorted presentations of your beloved artwork. Adapt: How will it fare on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram?

Innovate: Swellcast Your Podcast

Podcasts and Swellcasts are perfect partners. Create companion clips for each episode, independent bonus content, and more. Just share your channel link in your podcast description and connect. You can even stream Swellcasts on your site with a simple widget.

Anyone can listen to your posts and reply with audio of their own. Instantly make your community voices feel heard and appreciated, and build loyalty that lasts. Have public or private chats, get creative with audio emojis, and customize your channel. Hashtags and keywords make it easy to follow, search, and engage.

Record and share without limits — Swell is the audio app that gives your listeners more of what they love. Just download the app, share what’s on your mind, and get into it! The Swell experience is timeless yet completely new.

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.

Here's what else is going on:

  • First class: This fall, a new multi-year program focused on podcast production will launch at Virginia Commonwealth University's Institute for Contemporary Art. According to Chioke I'Anson, program director and underwriting voice for NPR, “It’s going to be dope.”
  • Dice roll: Due in large part to podcasts, tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons have seen a huge resurgence. James C. Loftis explains the history behind the hype: “Actual play podcasts pulled back the curtain on role-playing games and revealed all their secrets.”
  • Art school: In July, Radiotopia teamed up with a hit podcast and iconic museum for a new kind of virtual tour event. Radiotopia’s Mariel Cariker gives an inside look into the social initiative, including how 99% Invisible host Roman Mars led attendees through the Guggenheim.
  • Fresh take: The Cut on Tuesdays, a critically acclaimed 2018-2019 podcast, is returning. Now The Cut and hosted by Articles of Interest creator Avery Trufelman, the new show candidly explores the “conversations that matter most to women and those who love them.”

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