Evo Terra: When Podcasting Conversations Are Worth the Conflict


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Evo Terra: When Podcasting Conversations Are Worth the Conflict

In Evo Terra’s Podcast Pontifications, the podcaster, author, and radio broadcaster lays out some uncomfortable truths: “As much as we like, we can’t escape tough talks. But we can get through them easier if we keep focused on the end of the fight.” Podcasting is new territory for many creators, and with that can come conflict.

“Things happen in business — even the business of podcasting — and at some point, we’ll all be drawn into an argument or some other form of an uncomfortable conversation,” Terra reasons. “Some conversations are worth fighting over. Some aren’t.” While staying reasonable and cool-headed, it helps to visualize realistic goals.

Terra recognizes that incompatibility can happen with co-hosts, clients, sponsors, or any connection in between. “One way to avoid catastrophic thinking is to reframe it,” he says. “What is the least acceptable outcome — to you — that can come from this?” To be prepared is to treat yourself, and your opponent, with kindness.

Equity in Action: Wonder Media Network Signs with WME

Wonder Media Network, led by journalist Jenny Kaplan and brand strategist Shira Atkins, has been signed by the talent agency giant WME. An “audio-first media company with a mission to amplify underrepresented voices,” Wonder Media Network will be growing its podcast business and expanding its horizons. 

91% female and “passionate about gender equity,” Wonder Media’s listeners have flocked to shows like the Webby-nominated Encyclopedia Womannica. Hosted by Kaplan, the hit series is composed of 5-minute episodes that “pack painstakingly researched content into fun, entertaining, and addictive daily adventures.”  

Kaplan left Bloomberg in 2018 to start Wonder Media, and now has well-earned resources to grow toward new audiences: “With WME’s support we will continue to tell stories to enact positive change through our growing podcasting business and by expanding into TV, books and other storytelling platforms.”

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Round table: Another NBA star is starting a podcast network with Cadence13. Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant and his manager, Rich Kleiman, are launching The Boardroom Podcast Network after releasing ESPN shows and documentaries through Thirty Five Ventures.
  • Fresh start: It’s often said that insanity is to try the same approach over and over. Don’t do this to your podcast, says Jeremy Enns of Counterweight Creative. “When growth stalls, rather than doubling down on what’s clearly no longer working, it’s time to pull out your lab coat.”
  • Extra polish: Many podcasters use WordPress plugins to optimize their websites. SecondLine Themes breaks down six that “streamline and automate selling podcast subscriptions, and also help you limit access to certain content,” like WooCommerce and Supercast.
  • Food chain: Podtrac has released its Top Podcast Publishers ranking for July 2020. iHeartRadio, NPR, and The New York Times predictably claim the top spots, and eight of the top 20 publishers saw a monthly increase in American audience numbers from June to July.

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