Expectations vs. Reality of Podcast Cross-Promotion


PodMov Daily: Thursday, April 7

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Expectations vs. Reality of Podcast Cross-Promotion

Cross-promotion is unquestionably effective for audience growth, but podcasters’ expectations may be too high. Humans are bad at applying scale to the stats they hear, writes Evo Terra in Podcast Pontifications. “Don't expect your listener numbers to skyrocket unless you've got big bucks to spend.”

According to Chartable data from CEO Dave Zohrob at Evolutions, the new listener acquisition rate for cross-promotions is 0.75%. If you can get on a show that sees 10,000 downloads per episode, you might see 70 or 80 new listeners, Terra says. If that show gets 100 downloads, though, expect about one.

So why bother with a recommendation, trailer inclusion, or episode drop? For one, any new listener can bring “valuable, long-lasting benefits to you and your show.” Plus, there can be extra power in the right niche. Simplecast and Andrew Davies (ABC Audio Studios) explain how to set up an ideal swap.

Are Dreaded Podcasting Tasks Holding You Back?

“Although you might love ‘podcasting,’ you don't have to like every act that you must undertake in order to be a podcaster,” writes Captivate CEO Mark Asquith. There are bound to be tasks on the list that you simply hate doing. To keep them from dragging down the whole process, here’s how to test your tolerances.

He suggests dividing tasks into three categories: things you like, things you dread, and things that take up too much time. Each may seem equally important, but that first category deserves more attention. Drop a few tasks that just aren’t worth it (Asquith chose Instagram) and lift some weight off your shoulders.

“Just do your thing,” Asquith says. “Connect with your audience through your content, make that your sole focus and don't sweat the other things — the things that you just have no tolerance for.” Remember that the checklist can be flexible. Modifying your process may remind you why you started, and what you love.

HubSpot Creators: Get Rewarded for Creating Great Content

HubSpot Creators is a new accelerator that gives top, undiscovered podcasters access to the rocket ship they deserve. Launched by the industry-leading CRM platform Hubspot, the program will have an initial cohort of eight creators. There’s no smarter way to get paid, get bigger, and get better.

Creators will receive monthly base sums and additional support through a tiered system, similar to a venture capital structure. Each show has the opportunity to advance from Seed to Series A and beyond, rewarded with more investment as it grows – all you need is an outstanding concept to be considered.

HubSpot Creators doesn’t just invest financially. Podcasters are paired with marketing and operations support, network cross-promotion, speaker coaching, music production, and more. Ready for liftoff? With HubSpot’s experience in building media channels from scratch, your rocket could be next.

I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Victory lap: The Parcast Union has reached a deal with Spotify. “After months of regular meetings, late-night emails, private calls, & full unit efforts,” yesterday’s contract negotiations ended a 15-month struggle over crucial items like minimum pay. The deal is in ratification and terms will be shared soon.
  • Prep school: Tomorrow at 1:00 pm ET and again next Friday, PRX and the Google Podcasts creator program will hold a Q&A about 2022 applications and eligibility. The free, 20-week intensive training accelerator (June–December) is open to mid-career podcasters. Applications are due April 24.
  • Sonic youth: Applications are due tomorrow for Spotify’s next Sound Up accelerator program, focused on the Kids & Family category. 10 aspiring podcasters from underrepresented backgrounds will receive training, workshops, and equipment to produce a pilot. Open to US residents only.

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