Fable & Folly Network: Evolving Sponsorships for Audio Fiction


PodMov Daily: Friday, May 8

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Fable and Folly Network: Evolving Sponsorships for Audio Fiction

Fable and Folly Network co-founder Sean Howard knows intimately what makes audio fiction special. A writer and producer since 2011, Howard has announced the network's launch “with a vision of a world where producers can make a good living telling their stories.”

“I produce one of 13 shows in the world to achieve Webby recognition in the Scripted Fiction category last week,” Howard says. “But what does that matter if I can’t feed my family or earn a living from the work I produce?” It’s a crucial question that exposes an injustice, but also an opportunity.

The resulting network was collaboratively designed to “change how advertising is sold on fiction podcasts.” With a roster of 15 outstanding series and a clear vision forward, Fable and Folly is actively seeking creative partnerships to benefit the whole fiction space.

How to Manage Podcasting Priorities with the Eisenhower Matrix

As this foundation-shaking time continues, priorities must shift again and again. To help untangle the to-do list, Pacific Content co-founder Steve Pratt recommends The Eisenhower Matrix, “a legendary 2×2 for managing priorities” invented by its namesake President.

“It frames your priorities as either urgent or not urgent, and either important or not important,” Pratt explains. “The suggested strategy is generally to focus on what is [both] important and urgent [and then on] things that are important, but not urgent.” How should these categories change as havoc slows?

Now past the earliest days of chaos, some of us “can move into a different quadrant — important, but not urgent.” The visual model helps determine where to focus first. This Eisenhower power is not just for work: Pratt has photo proof of one seriously organized garage.

Podcast Magazine Special Feature: The Top 50 Moms In Podcasting!

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Sonic youth: PRX has announced TRAX, “a curated network of free podcasts and multimedia for audiences ages 9–13.” David Cotrone details the initiative to “entertain, empower, and educate” young people, including two new productions.
  • Photo booth: Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast explains how “attractive images can enhance your podcast branding and help you promote your podcast better.” Visual branding tips include ideal ratios for video, sharing, and social media.
  • Secret's out: In a Spotify for Podcasters article, Parcast head researcher Julian Boireau tells Wil Williams about the multilingual, international release of the show Secret Societies “and what podcasts stand to gain by looking beyond borders.”
  • Pod squad: A guide from Resonate Recordings shows how to get the most out of SquadCast for remote podcast recording. The post includes a detailed video tutorial of the platform, its updated features, and recommended equipment.

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