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PodMov Daily: Monday, March 15

Episode 390: Your Monday Mix

Facebook on Longform Live Video for Podcasters

This Monday’s guest feature is the third in a 5-part series from Facebook and Podcast Movement. Curated specifically for podcasters, each article covers a different category of tools on Facebook and Instagram. Today it’s all about longform Live video, which makes an event out of interactive conversation.

Introduced this month, the Live Rooms feature gives users the ability to go Live on Instagram with up to three people. Hosts can now add guests one-by-one, allowing for surprise visitors to drop in. Their followers can also be notified, making it an effective tool to extend a podcast’s reach and attract related audiences.

In any Live session, viewers can tune in to ask questions and comment in real time. Read on for more on repurposing the saved recording, comment filters and other moderation tools, and the ideal minimum length for a broadcast. On April 5, the series returns with a guide to creative strategy for video.

Tom Webster: The State of Podcast Listening for 2021

On Thursday, Edison Research and Triton Digital released the latest edition of The Infinite Dial. Edison SVP Tom Webster puts the most important numbers in context. Podcast listening saw significant gains for 2021 during “a year in which even remaining flat would have been a victory for the medium.” How?

Though listening dropped in the early stages of the pandemic, it managed to grow even more than it had the year before. 28% of the total US population, 80 million people, listen weekly, compared with 24% this time last year. Webster admits that the jump was a bit of a surprise, “even if only by a point or two.”

At this point, a remarkable 78% of Americans are familiar with the term “podcasting,” and the weekly audience has nearly doubled since 2017. How should podcasters feel about all of this? Webster offers a listener-focused suggestion, as well as a link to watch the webinar and download the slides.

Scarlett: Unmatched Quality for Superior Podcast Sound

Your audio interface defines your podcast’s sound for listeners everywhere. With over 4 million units sold, Scarlett by Focusrite is the world’s best-selling USB interface range. Why? Content creators trust Scarlett’s 3rd generation to deliver unmatched quality and features.

All 6 interfaces in the Scarlett range work with just a computer, any XLR microphone, and your favorite recording software, from Hindenburg to Audacity. Units offer a choice of 1, 2, 4, or 8 inputs to fit your specific needs. Even better, Scarlett Solo and Scarlett 2i2 now support USB-C iPad Pro. 

Superior sound, meet superior user experience. Loopback on select units now allows Skype or Zoom calls to be recorded directly into your software — no workarounds needed. A bonus benefit, the new Air feature adds brightness and presence to your voice. Ready to transform your podcast?

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Outer space: Per the Infinite Dial, a weekly podcast listener has room for five on their metaphorical “shelf.” Amplifi Media CEO Steven Goldstein translates the truth: “The tyranny of a podcast getting onto that shelf is brutal and staying there, with so many great choices, is equally challenging.”
  • Sign here: Gimlet Media’s production staff union has successfully reached a first contract deal with Spotify. Early Friday morning, 20 months of negotiations came to an end. On the table were fair salary minimums, a diversity proposal, and rights to derivative works. Details coming soon.
  • Balance beam: Stand for Sonic Diversity, a joint initiative from Pandora, SiriusXM and Stitcher, aims for BIPOC talent to make up 50% of advertising voice-overs. Shannon Miller of Adweek explains the “sonic color line” and how the pledge will secure new policies for brands and agencies.
  • No peeking: This Thursday, Audiotrain will host “Trade Secrets of a Sound Designer” with Axel Kacoutié. The multi-award winning sound designer for The Guardian podcast will give an inside look into his tools and creative process. 6:00 pm GMT / 2:00 pm ET. Webinar tickets are £5.00.

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