Facebook’s Podcast Data Hasn’t Hit the Mark


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, November 10

Episode 536: Your Midweek Update

Facebook's Podcast Data Hasn't Hit the Mark

Podcast hosting providers (and therefore podcasters) have been unable to gather accurate show performance data from Facebook, reports Ashley Carman of Hot Pod. Simply put, “The issue relates to user agents, or the data a hosting company receives when a third-party server asks to receive a podcast.”

Knowing a definitive number of plays is critical: “If your show does amazing on Facebook, maybe you’ll double-down on your Page. If not, well, you’ll go on continuing to pretend Facebook doesn’t exist.” The company says the problem is being fixed, which is guaranteed to be faster than Apple Podcasts’ disaster response.

Meanwhile, Magellan AI has announced “verified downloads,” which can be confirmed for advertisers. These details get complicated but are worth understanding, Carman says. “Everyone needs to know how and where their shows are doing well, including on the newest Big Tech player to care about podcasts.”

In Advertising and Podcasting, Never Trash Your Peers

Comparative advertising — where competitors are called out as inferior — is alive and well in podcasting. For Sounds Profitable, Stew Redwine of OXFORd Road has written a fascinating, entertaining history of the practice. (In the words of editor Bryan Barletta, here’s “why it’s bad for companies to sh*t on each other.”)

Considering the tactics out there, Barletta’s phrasing is more than justified. Redwine digs into the costs and potential benefits of putting down your peers, a lesson podcasters should take to heart. From the automotive wars of the 1930s to Samsung vs. Apple, wasting energy on ‘naming names’ is a time-honored tradition. 

In 1945, an ad journal columnist advised publicly ignoring your competition altogether: “Tell your own story — exclusively, positively — give your copy sound construction, sequence and conviction — and you’ll get your share of the market.” Today: Know your niche, be respectful, and hone your craft as only you can.

uCast: Secure Podcast Advertising, Made Easy

uCast is a marketplace for podcasters and advertisers to find each other and create successful ad campaigns. Smarter matching helps both sides find the right fit quickly — without the risk. On uCast, secure deal management and strong campaigns go hand-in-hand.

Podcasts and businesses of any size are welcome. Simply create a profile, list your podcast, and review ad offers as they come in. If you’re an advertiser, just start a campaign, input your parameters, and send offers to the podcasts you like. In-app communication and contracts mean everyone moves forward with confidence.

Now launched in beta, uCast is offering three months completely free. The feedback you share will help make the experience even better. Ready to meet the Fiverr of podcast advertising? Your next great campaign is a signup away.

It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.

Here's what else is going on:

  • With feeling: Spotify is facing renewed pushback over voice-recognition technology. In April, the company offered a noncommittal response to groups wanting a guarantee that Spotify will “never use, license, sell, or monetize” emotional surveillance. An updated request was posted last week.
  • Oh Canada: The fourth annual Vancouver Podcast Festival is coming up on November 20. The all-day virtual event will focus on education with workshops and panels, featuring speakers like Paul Bae (The Black Tapes) on building and marketing indie shows. Passes are $25 CA (~$20 USD).
  • Return trip: Apple Podcasts has brought back the ‘refresh feed’ button, Podnews reports. “While Apple seem confident that new episodes, and other changes in your podcast feed are now seen within ‘a few hours’…they’ve also restored the ability to refresh a feed faster within Apple Podcasts Connect.”
  • Stay classy: “Podcasting and Higher Ed: A Two-Way Street” is next Thursday, November 18. Lisa Bartfai and Jenna Spinelle will lead an interactive discussion about how universities and podcasters can interact in ways that benefit the organizations, producers, and listeners. Free RSVP.

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