First Look: Apple News+ Audio Stories Appearing in Beta


PodMov Daily: Wednesday, June 3

Episode 218: Your Midweek Update

First Look: Apple News+ Audio Stories Appearing in Beta

Jeff Benjamin of 9to5Mac confirms that Apple News+ will be included as a part of iOS 13.5.5, released on Monday. In addition to digital newspaper and magazine subscriptions, Apple News+ is rolling out curated Audio versions of (some) publisher articles.

Able to snag early access, Benjamin walks through the upcoming News app feature in a 5-minute video. “As I briefly explored the new Audio tab, I found an interface that’s similar to the default Podcasts app. Users will have the option to go back 30 seconds, play/pause, and skip to the next article.”

In form, the model makes sense: “If Apple gets permission to create audio articles based on content, it’s increasing the value of Apple News+ with minimal effort.” However, as Benjamin points out, the company is betting a big “if” on skeptical publishers.

PM's Weekly Community Recap: See and Be Seen

Which directories should podcasters choose to increase visibility? This week’s community update lists quick and helpful suggestions from the PM Facebook group and beyond, like Podchaser, RadioPublic, Podcast Addict, and TuneIn. You'll find links to each platform along with several articles and other resources.

In other news, May’s 28-Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge was a success. With daily accountability goals and community support, members like Gayle Rice (Ask Gayle Rice) and Liani (Cool and Crazy Cats) brought their show ideas to life in just a month. Sign up by July 6 to join the next round of jump starts.

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Here's what else is going on:

  • Free launch: Podnews points out a record-breaking statistic from My Podcast Reviews. According to Daniel J. Lewis' detailed industry calculations, 96,537 new shows were added to Apple Podcasts in May, breaking April’s previous record of 90,977.
  • In unison: “In hopes that we can come together across digital spaces,” WOC Podcasters explains three ways to participate in the Podcasters For Justice Campaign. One, a suggested PSA, briefly and firmly addresses racism and police brutality.
  • Group chat: The Omny Studio podcast management platform has announced a multilingual expansion. Now available for use in French, Spanish, and Portuguese, it also supports the translation of embed players that match users’ browser language.
  • All trades: Kevin Suggs, head audio engineer for the podcast series Live on KEXP, has mastered multipurpose live session recordings. Suggs tells Jim Beaugez about broadcasting to the Seattle radio market and streaming to two million subscribers on YouTube.

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