A Focused Fix for the Podcast Engagement Problem


PodMov Daily: Tuesday, January 18

Episode 571: Testing, One Two-sday

A Focused Fix for the Podcast Engagement Problem

The goal of engagement in podcasting lacks focus that derails the whole train, writes Captivate CEO Mark Asquith. In an extended deep-dive article, the host of The Podcast Accelerator reframes ‘engagement’ around individual interactions. Here’s why it’s best to concentrate on just a few well-suited platforms.

“If we are happy with people engaging anywhere, then it becomes hard to measure, difficult to sell, hard to understand for listeners and it doesn’t benefit them much because you (the already very busy podcaster) has to try to be everywhere at once,” Asquith says. “And that won’t happen. At least not consistently.”

This is just one part of Asquith’s framework, which pulls from experience as a creator and a fan. One of three major takeaways: “Give people a reason to interact.” It may sound simple, but fostering interactions that both parties actually want takes intention. Instead of a big net, build a stronger one that works.

Listen to Your Own Work with Purpose

“You need to listen to your own episodes like a listener, not a producer,” writes Evo Terra in Podcast Pontifications. “Why do you do it? What itch does it scratch for you?” While some may chalk it up to quality control, you’ll get more out of it by going in with a goal. Terra explains four solid “selfish” reasons to hear yourself talk.

Even long-term podcasters are on the “constant improvement train,” and part of that is how they evaluate their own work. You may listen back for self-affirmation, or maybe the opposite. Creating in isolation with too little peer feedback may overinflate your confidence – go in with the critical ear you bring to other shows.

Listening back allows you to target specific moments (Was that comment “every bit as impactful, deep, or as witty as you planned”?) but for Terra, the main benefit is more existential. Staying on mission means sticking to your purpose: making “a show that is the perfect fit for who it is for and is, in fact, why they are there.”

Pod People: Better Podcasts Start with the Perfect Team 

When audio projects meet the right professionals, it’s magic. Pod People’s Matchmaking services offer white-glove staffing for contract-to-hire roles across the industry. With a global community of nearly 2,000 creators, finding ideal candidates is simple, fast, and reliable.

Pod People specializes in sourcing the best Producers, Journalists, Editors, Engineers, Sound Designers, and more across the audio industry. Each step of the process ensures a perfect fit, starting with a curated shortlist of candidates for each role.

For audio professionals, Pod People’s free community is a world of opportunity. Perks include resources, events, mentorship, networking — and the ears of companies like Spotify, Netflix, and Wondery. Ready to meet your match? Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired, better partnerships start here.

That's what learning is. You suddenly understand something you understood all your life, but in a new way.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Comfort zone: Tomorrow at 4:00 pm ET is “Conducting Deeply Personal Interviews” from Podcasting, Seriously. The organization’s weekly Twitter Spaces talk will feature Monica Rivera, the creator of YOU WANNA DO WHAT!? on making guests feel at ease. No Twitter account needed to join.
  • Sold out: Most branded podcasts fail for clear reasons, writes Amplifi Media CEO Steven Goldstein. The most popular one ever (which his company co-produces) has four essential building blocks. Shows that survive must start with “unwavering focus on the listener” and smart sonic branding.
  • Do better: “Something needs to change quickly” about awards handed to major media companies, says DCP Entertainment founder Chris Colbert (Say Their Name). Especially for stories about Black people killed by police, the industry needs to “reevaluate” the voices it celebrates and why.
  • All aboard: Thursday, January 27 is “Going Beyond the Listener,” an accessible podcasting webinar from 3Play Media. At 2:00 pm ET, web accessibility consultant and A11y Rules host Nic Steenhout will share expert tips and tricks for making an inclusive show. Free registration and replay.

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