For Podcasters in 2021, True Equity Means Ownership


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PodMov Daily: Tuesday, December 22

Episode 342: Testing, One Two-sday

For Podcasters in 2021, True Equity Means Ownership

The conversation around intellectual property ownership — especially of podcasters of color — will make bigger waves in 2021. Tonya Mosley, the host of the podcast Truth Be Told and co-host of NPR’s Here & Now, thinks this is the year “more Black, brown, and Indigenous journalists will team up to start their own media companies.”

Misha Euceph (Tell Them, I Am) did just that. This summer, many called out the IP issue, including Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings (The Nod), and Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu (Another Round). “Your intellectual property is like your child,” Euceph wrote on Twitter. “Think hard about who gets to hold her, keep her, make money off of her.”

Mosley sees it coming: “I predict that toward the end of 2021, we will see many full-circle moments: some media legacy organizations, understanding the value of POC journalists, partnering with POC-led startups and finally getting closer to fulfilling the mission of journalism: truer, more inclusive coverage that reflects our world.”

Neon Hum’s Diverse Podcast Editing Bootcamp

The LA-based podcast production company Neon Hum Media has launched a diversity-oriented training bootcamp for podcast editors. According to Peter White of Deadline, the Sony Music-backed outfit is looking to increase the number of people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community entering the audio medium.

Eight people will join the eight-week course, set to run from mid-March through May. It features some heavy-hitter guest lecturers, including Emanuele Berry of This American Life, Annie Avilés of Vice Audio, and Phyllis Fletcher of APM Podcasts. At the end, one participant will be offered a staff editor position at Neon Hum.

“This isn’t an ivory tower exercise,” said Neon Hum’s senior editor Catherine Saint Louis. “The idea is to encourage talented storytellers to choose audio editing, to help shape podcasts, to choose how to tell important stories.” Applications will be accepted until January 20 with participants announced on February 25. Remote Recording, Unmatched Quality

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In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Mixed bag: The McElroy family’s Totally Foolproof Podcast Name Generator is a good bit of fun. (“Wish you could start a podcast of your own, but hung up on what to call it? NEVER FEAR.”) For the record, your editor’s would be The Hot Take Experience, a podcast about where to go for spring break.
  • Welcome in: Today at 6:00 pm ET is the Women of Color Podcasters Meet & Greet, hosted by WOC Podcasters founder and CEO Danielle Desir. All women of color podcasters are invited to connect, introduce themselves, and explore the industry-wide global community. Requires Clubhouse sign-up.
  • Trivia champ: Thanks to podcasts from this year, “an unknown quantity of tidbits of knowledge are forever lodged into my brain,” says Erik Jones. The surprising life cycle of the deep sea octopus (thanks, Radiolab!) is just one of 14 facts he’ll “unleash onto [an] unsuspecting person” post-quarantine.
  • Swing low: Podcasters (especially women) should know that vocal fry is a normal, unconscious speech pattern. Embrace the voice you bring to your podcast. Linguistics professor Dr. Chloé Diskin-Holdaway says it best: “I would always encourage people to be proud of the way they speak.”

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