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    PodMov Daily: Thursday, July 2

    Episode 239: Your Thursday Podthoughts

    Editor's note: The Daily will be on summer break beginning tomorrow, July 3. Regular programming returns on Monday, July 13. See you soon!

    Forbes: Podcast Story Of James Cameron Is ‘Blockbuster’ Entertainment

    The second season of Blockbuster tells the story of acclaimed director James Cameron's life and breakout. According to Forbes podcasting writer Joshua Dudley, Matt Schrader has raised the high bar of the first season, which focuses on the friendship and rise of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas in 1970s Hollywood.

    “The epic quality of the storytelling remains wholly inspiring, laying out the obstacles that Cameron faced all the while propelled by his no compromises approach to filmmaking,” Dudley writes. He especially praises the score: “Just like movie sequels have to up the action, season two of Blockbuster raises the sound design to new levels.”

    Bonus talks with show producers and people who knew Cameron enhance an already incredible story, says Dudley. Listeners are sticking around longer for the post-episode discussions. Why? “Epicleff Originals have created something really compelling that will remind you of the childlike love we all have for the movies.”

    Fatima Zaidi: How Recession-Proof is Podcasting?

    In an article for Podnews, Quill Inc. CEO Fatima Zaidi discusses the industry's resilience in the face of recessions and economic turmoil. Since 2008, “podcasting has seen consistent year-over-year growth.” In fact, between 2018 and 2019, global advertising for podcasts rose 42% and will likely surpass 1 billion dollars by 2021.

    Undoubtedly primed for success, the industry is still of course subject to virus-related turbulence. Between 24 and 46% of brands paused or adjusted their ad spending this year, Zaidi says. While individual podcasters might emerge relatively unscathed, new startups and “highly-leveraged” companies are likely to feel this blow.

    Markets like travel and live entertainment have pulled their cautious cash away from podcast advertising, but others have seen a marked increase. (Gambling is down, VPNs and alcohol are up.) Podcasting is well-prepared for this, Zaidi explains. “The human need to reach out and speak to others is one thing that won’t be changing.”

    Special Feature: An Exclusive 1-on-1 With Dave Ramsey

    If you’re a fan of podcasts, you’ll love Podcast Magazine. Each month, Podcast Magazine takes you “Beyond The Microphone” and into the lives of today's leading podcasters and introduces you to dozens of shows you've likely never heard of, but should be listening to.

    This month’s issue features exclusive sit downs with Dave Ramsey of Ramsey Solutions, Ijeoma Eleazu of Etsy Conversations, Dan Lok of The Dan Lok Show, Rachel Luna of Real Talk, Dr. Joan Cartwright of Women In Jazz, Zaiba Hasan & Uzma Jafri of Mommying While Muslim and many others. 

    Plus, they reveal the brand new Podcast Magazine Hot 50 chart for July (#1 is definitely not who you might think!) Subscribe now at Podcast Magazine.com.

    Podcast Magazine — the only magazine dedicated to podcast fans, covering the world of podcasts and podcast culture.

    Just as true humor is laughter at oneself, true humanity is knowledge of oneself.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Stay awhile: Resonate Recordings has launched its own podcast hosting, distribution and analytics service. Resonate Hosting is designed to provide podcasters with a “full-service production partner and hosting platform within the same ecosystem.”
    • Legal counsel: In an article for Timber.fm, Sean Williams explores the origins of the hit wrongful-conviction podcast Undisclosed. The show’s co-founder, Rabia Chaudry, tells Williams about how she began the ongoing project as a response to Serial’s first season.

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