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PodMov Daily: Friday, August 16

Episode 24: Your Friday Headlines

Pandora Opens Podcast Submissions with New Genome System

Pandora has announced the arrival of a “self-service online hub” for creators. The new Pandora for Podcasters will allow creators to submit their shows to be discovered through a show and episode-level recommendation system.

The new “Podcast Genome Project” classifies audio programs across hundreds of attributes. From MPAA ratings and production style to content type and machine learning algorithms, data narrows down a user’s preferences to target ideal listeners.

Podcast creators will be able to submit their shows directly via RSS feed URL and answer a few questions about the podcast. If approved, “the show will be available to allow of Pandora’s 65 million monthly active listeners and their future episodes will be added automatically.”

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Announces Podcast-to-TV Series

CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster, announced at Podcast Movement that a slate of podcast-to-television series is in development. 5 original CBC podcasts will be adapted for the screen: David Ridgen’s Someone Knows SomethingUncover: The VillagePersonal BestTai Asks Why, and Alone: A Love Story.

Barbara Williams, Executive Vice-President, CBC English Services, credits the “growing cultural phenomenon” of podcasting for the expansion project. “As Canada’s national public broadcaster and number-one podcaster, we are uniquely positioned to lead in this new area of opportunity for rich and diverse storytelling,” she said.

The CBC Podcasts team organized two panels at PM19, one on ethical true-crime and another on LGBT storytelling.

Second Quarter of 2019: iHeartMedia Digital Revenue Up 33%

iHeartMedia has boosted digital revenue with the help of its growing podcast segment in the second quarter of this year. iHeart said yesterday that “digital revenue alone increased by $22.5 million,” nearly 33%. The jump has been driven by growth in podcasting and its 2018 acquisition of Stuff Media, as well as other sources like on-demand services.

The rise was “aided by 300% growth in podcast listeners on the iHeartRadio app.” New original podcast programming won’t be slowing down: Chairman and CEO Bob Pittman plans to extend the company’s “leadership in podcasting.”

Happy Friday and almost-farewell to PM19. The schedule is packed with excellent sessions through the afternoon, including keynotes from Guy Raz and the creators of Ear Hustle. Before those, though, check out these podfriends having a blast!

“I just wanna thank all these awesome people for one of the best con experiences I have ever had. Thank you so much.  #PM19 @passitalong @capblackard @sboase1 @ErikSaras @GabrielUrbinaTM @crazybirdlade @EditrixW @HelloCVH @KingColeMiner @lisettewalking @TauZaman @danlovley

— OutRacheous Cosplay @ #PM19 (@Out_Racheous) August 16, 2019

Whether you’re all business or in full summer-camp mode, there’s no wrong way to enjoy Podcast Movement. We’re so grateful for your support and can’t wait to see you all in Dallas and Los Angeles in 2020.


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Here's what else is going on:

  • FOMO relief: Troy Price at the Podcast Business Journal offers a compassionate post with a quiz that can help reevaluate feelings of missing out. The excitement of PM can leave those unable to attend quite bummed. Don’t let it affect your podcasting efforts! We’re all in this together.
  • Translation station: “Studio Ochenta is a new multilingual podcast consulting and production studio launching this September. The Paris-based studio aims to bridge the audio gap for listeners overseas by translating, adapting, and producing podcasts in English, French, and Spanish.”
  • NYT audio drama love: “Audio dramas have been around for almost as long as radio, but the podcasting boom has inspired a renaissance.” The New York Times recommends 6 standout shows from the genre, one of which is The Bright Sessions, created by PM19 keynote speaker Lauren Shippen.
  • Listening congregation: Tripp Fuller, host of Homebrewed Christianity, explains how podcasting supports spiritual communities outside traditional religious spaces. He outlines the medium’s “breadth of faith-based offerings” and what they mean to listeners seeking fellowship.

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