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Episode 14: Thank Pod it's Friday

Where Are They Now? Past PM Speakers: Part I

Our guest article this Friday is from our own Jared Easley, who had the great idea of highlighting a few past Podcast Movement speakers. This isn’t your everyday retrospective — ever heard of Serial? Creator Sarah Koenig is just one of the 4 featured heavy hitters who have contributed their voices to the Podcast Movement stage.

Though some of you have been with us for years, newcomers may not be aware of past talent. We’re proud of them and want to give them a shoutout. Today’s article is just Part I of a 2-part spotlight series. Check out Jared’s piece to find out which of the first 4 will be back this year!

The Cheerful Struggles of a Podcast Addict

If you’re reading this, you almost certainly consume podcasts, if not create them. Many of us listen to several episodes a day, but what of the “super-listeners,” who absorb twice as many as the average bear? “I can’t tell you how depressing it is to realise I am one,” admits Stuart McGurk in British GQ.

The essay explores his own self-diagnosed “podcast addiction” which fills nearly every nook and cranny of his time. In between show recommendations and witty examples of his hopeless devotion, he offers a glimpse into a life shaped by others’ voices. The abundance of the “podcast gold rush” age, combined with tech like wireless Bluetooth earbuds, makes addiction more plausible than ever.

Self-deprecating yet defensive of the highly educational habit, McGurk reminds us: “While you’re staring into space on this train or scanning the vegetable aisle in that shop, I’m learning something.”

Representation Win: The POC in Audio Directory

The “overwhelming whiteness” of the podcast industry is well-documented, and strategies to balance representation result in a better ecosystem. When Phoebe Wang won Best New Artist at the 2018 Third Coast International Audio Festival, she called out the issue. Wang and four friends and colleagues, Adizah EghanZakiya GibbonsAliya Pabani, and Afi Yellow-Duke, have built a tool to boost visibility: the POC in Audio directory.

The database “includes over 500 engineers, editors, hosts, producers and content strategists of color,” and “requires users to certify that they will pay colleagues a living wage and they will support an inclusive and reflective workplace culture.” The resource serves as a hub for employers to find candidates of color while simultaneously demanding respect and thoughtful practices.

Weekly Newsletter Recap: Audio Fiction Track & Edison Research

This week, the newsletter focused on PM19 event updates. We’re proud to announce a new track dedicated to Audio Fiction! Audio fiction and drama are one of the fastest-growing podcasting genres, and we’re absolutely in love with it. If you’ve heard any of these shows, you know that they’re truly an art. Check the newsletter for all scheduled presentations.

Next, we announced a keynote from Edison Research. SVP Tom Webster will give a presentation on the differences between “rookie” and “vet” podcast listeners, with all-new cut of Edison and Triton Digital’s Infinite Dial data. Combined with new qualitative research with professionals and hobbyists, it’ll be a clear vision of where podcasting has been and where it is going.

All About the Parties at PM19

When we’re asked about can’t-miss Podcast Movement events for new attendees, we always recommend starting with the New Attendee Orientation Sessions, then presentations and workshops based on your goals and experience level.

Buuut — the #1 never-miss at PM is the parties! We’re not joking. The parties are some of the best opportunities to make new connections, have fun with friends, and take your podcast to dancetown. Check out these shindigs:

 Cabana hosts the Badge Pick-Up Party: Tuesday, August 13 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm in Gatlin B, the main stage area. Featuring one of Los Angeles’ hottest acts, DJ Bad Ash!

 Himalaya hosts the Kick-Off Party: Tuesday, August 13 from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm at . Featuring a live performance by Delacey, courtesy of our friends at Westwood One. Every attendee gets 2 free drink tickets!

♥ Stitcher hosts the first-full-day wrap-up party: Wednesday, August 14 from 9:00 pm to 12:00 am at Lafayette’s. Get a free drink ticket from the sponsor booth in the lobby!

 iHeartRadio sponsors the biggest party in PM history: Thursday, August 15 at Tin Roof Orlando. Featuring live music from world-renowned DJ Obscene and Orlando favorite DJ D-Strong.

I want to hear people who sound like my neighbors. I want to actually hear their sensibilities infused in the shows that are being put out.

Here's what else is going on:

  • UK spending big on ads: The AA/WARC Expenditure Report on the first quarter of 2019 reveals a £6 billion media advertising spend. As companies find new ways to leverage their data, the diversity and volume of podcasts boosts industry strength. Forecasted spending for all of 2019: £24.6 billion.
  • SiriusXM taking it slow: James Meyer, CEO of SiriusXM, which owns Pandora, is focused on gatekeeping before podcasting becomes a “mega audience.” Referring to podcasting as a “flea market” with a “race to see who can put the most content out there,” he wants to see content become easier to find.
  • Bedroom recording tips: According to The Podcast Host, “it is possible to build a pro-level recording studio in your own home, and on a modest budget.” Check out wallet-friendly equipment suggestions and setup solutions for those who want to increase recording options without sacrificing quality.
  • Spotify’s cashing in: This quarter, Spotify reported “greater-than-expected user growth” after expanding podcast operations and improved long-term retention strategy. The giant’s overall podcast audience grew more than 50% from the previous quarter and has nearly doubled since the year’s beginning.

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