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PodMov Daily: Friday, August 30

Episode 34: Your Friday Features

We'll be off Monday in observance of Labor Day but will be back in business Tuesday morning. Cheers!

The Promise of Podcast Playlists: Questions to Consider

Now that Spotify’s podcast playlist feature has been released, how will it affect the industry? Dan Misener at Pacific Content observes how playlists have “reshaped discovery and listening behavior in the era of streaming services.”

Advising podcasters to think deeply about playlists before jumping in, Misener offers a framework to do so. Playlists can be organized by who built them and whether they consist of shows or episodes. The goal? “Podcast playlists need to be just as sharable as music playlists,” he writes.

Surely the wave of playlist options holds “huge potential” for creators, but the tide has just begun. Don’t miss the list of questions to ask yourself at the end — it pays to be prepared.

Cut Through the Noise: Better Business Podcasting

Kate Cocker, a Podcasting for Business course leader for Prolific Training, is an expert on harnessing the medium to reach potential clients. Josh Peachey at Prolific North delivers a detailed guide to Cocker’s philosophy — that business podcasts should tell stories, build trust, and show off expertise.

From content’s effect on presentation style to the importance of your mission, key elements are explained and supported by examples. Because “92% of all podcast listening in the UK is done solo,” she advocates “talking to ‘one person’ [as] a simple way to create a connection, because it acknowledges that your listener is experiencing you as an individual.” Whether or not your show is brand-affiliated, this is worth a read.

PM19 Lessons: Bestselling Author and Podcaster Joanna Penn

UK creative Joanna Penn has been podcasting since 2009 and is a New York Times-bestselling thriller author. She’s taken a descriptive and insightful look back at Podcast Movement from an author-specific perspective. “Audiobooks are the fastest-growing segment in publishing,” the article begins. “Podcasts sell audiobooks because you’re reaching people who are already listening.”

A few major takeaways: “Attending live events will grow your knowledge and income,” and “the future is global and mobile.” Learn about the importance of micro-niches and about marketing tips that apply to podcasts as well as physical literature. Google’s podcast search feature makes an appearance, as do more timely and exciting firsts. Penn is an “author first, podcaster second,” but makes excellent points for all working storytellers.

Win mixer, explore democracy. They make it look easy.

Happy Friday, friends. Today we’re congratulating the producers of Democracy Works at Penn State’s McCourtney Institute for Democracy. Pretty sweet mixer you won there! The perks of PM19 keep on giving.


Team PM

The most effective way to show compassion to another is to listen rather than talk.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Get social: Podchaser’s “social feed,” a new podcast discovery/social engagement tool, is in pre-registration. Follow shows and creators to stay on top of fresh episodes, new releases, guest appearances, and more. Early access keys will be “slowly” sent out beginning September 4.
  • In an instant: As reported by researcher Jane Wong, Spotify is testing a button that allows users to create podcasts. “Create Podcast” in the platform’s podcasts library will launch the Anchor app on a phone (if installed) or load an app page. Spotify acquired Anchor earlier this year.
  • Positive match: Blubrry Podcasting is partnering with Journity, the creators of a “personalization platform designed for nonprofits.” The combined services will benefit nonprofit organizations looking to improve website stats and increase digital impact while ensuring podcast function.
  • Viva Pod Vegas: New Makerspace and Multimedia Production Studios are open to students and faculty at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The $1.8 million “transformational spaces” at Lied Library offer podcasting and video recording studios, 3D printers and more.

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