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PodMov Daily: Friday, December 20

Episode 110: Week Download Complete

At the end of this year we sincerely thank you — yes, you — for supporting the newsletter. For 6 months and 110(!) episodes we’ve enjoyed sharing and listening to your stories. Next year’s looking bright. (First time here? Thank you, too.)

This Monday, December 23 as well as January 2 and 3 we’ve planned some extra special editions. Regular issues will resume on Tuesday, January 7.

Bello Collective's Winning Last-Minute Podcast Gift Guide

Bello Collective presents a “last-minute podcast gift guide” for anyone in your orbit. “All year long you’ve heard your podcast loving friend talking about their favorite shows and […] their opinion on the perfect listening speed (it’s 1.2x, by the way).

Now is the time to give them a gift that shows just how much you were listening.” There’s a suggestion for every budget, from a classic playlist (free) to an equipment starter kit (not free). Our favorite: Make a donation to the recipient’s local public radio station.

NPR's How They Made It: Audio on AI Elephant Conservation

In the NPR Training series “How They Made It” reporters, editors, engineers, and producers reveal the complex experiments behind outstanding audio pieces. NPR’s Argin Hutchins spoke to the creators of I’ll Be Seeing You about the process of shooting an episode about elephant conservation in Malawi.

More specifically, reporter and host Dina Temple-Raston, senior producer Michael May, and producer Adelina Lancianese how artificial intelligence is being employed to identify and prevent poaching. The final product contains nearly 700 distinct pieces of audio.

A correction: Yesterday’s article about Podbean’s Statistics and Trends Roundup accidentally misstated some statistics. To clarify:

♦The top podcast using Podbean’s Patron Program made over $100,000 so far in 2019. The Podbean Patron Program’s overall income growth rate was 59%.

♦The top Premium Podcast made over $70,000 thus far in 2019. The Podbean Premium Podcast service’s overall income growth rate was 62%.

Happy Friday, readers, and thanks so much to those of you that have shared the newsletter. The PodMov Ambassadors program has been reworked and relaunched — we’ve designed custom sweatshirts, swanky PM socks, and more to show our gratitude.

Is 50% off registration for PM 2020 or Evolutions more your style? We’ve got that, too.

Team PM

Storytellers have the right to answer any question they choose.

Here's what else is going on:

  • A toast: Vulture’s Justin Caffier covers the fan-packed, sold-out final taping of Dan Harmon’s weekly podcast. On Monday L.A.’s Dynasty Typewriter theater hosted Harmontown listeners from around the world.
  • Rebel alliance: Did you know that in 1981 NPR created 3 radio dramas based on the original Star Wars films? All Things Considered reveals the groundbreaking production process in a fascinating time capsule of audio.
  • Top charts: In March of 2020, Triton Digital will launch its series of transparency-focused podcast metric reports for the United States. Networks including NPR and Stitcher have signed on to participate.
  • Show up: A guest feature from The Podcast Host suggests ways to “strike up a mutually beneficial relationship with a conference in your niche.” In some cases, an event might be a springboard for promotion.

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