Friday Feature: 10 Outstanding Storytelling Resources for Podcasters


PodMov Daily: Friday, October 16

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Friday Feature: 10 Outstanding Storytelling Resources for Podcasters

Doug Fraser is a podcaster, documentary filmmaker, and featured speaker at PM Virtual (starting Monday!) To celebrate this Flashback Friday, we return to his collection of outstanding resources that can help podcasters pin down and illustrate compelling narratives. When the path gets away from us, where can we turn?

“Storytelling is at the heart of our lives — it’s how we teach and learn lessons, create art and take away a listener’s breath with an enthralling podcast,” Fraser writes. Some recommendations, like Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat, are classics. Others take cues from screenwriting masters, Pixar wizards, and beyond.

Hit podcasts have taught that nothing tops truly original storytelling style. Though the medium may be new, the arc of a successful story is as old as time. Read these, Fraser says, but use your instinct: “Pull the truths, triumphs, failures and sticky details from your life experiences and inject them into your stories.”

A New Partnership Evolving Sponsorships for Audio Fiction

Last spring, Fable and Folly Network launched with a mission to “change how advertising is sold on fiction podcasts.” Today, the network announces a partnership with Definitely Human to secure sponsorship for all of their shows. Definitely Human is one of the UK’s largest fiction podcast producers, operating since 2014.

“We’re not interested in the status quo of programmatic advertising nor are we satisfied with the standard host-read of the same bullet points across every show our audience listens to,” explains Fable and Folly co-founder Sean Howard. Audio fiction is different by design, and its sponsors need to understand the space.

With sci-fi sitcoms and comedy-horror, “Definitely Human provides a rich palette of stories and characters to deliver fun, effective adverts that augment the listener experience.” Where traditional ads won't cut it, Fable and Folly works toward “a world where audio fiction producers can make a good living telling their stories.”

The Contract Vault: Expert Legal Protection for Podcasters

For podcasters with growing shows and networks, legal contracts are a part of doing business. The Contract Vault specializes in reliable, affordable contracts that give you security — not stress. With unlimited access to attorney-drafted, industry specific contracts, you can focus with peace of mind.

Podcasters need specific legal protection, especially hobby and independent creators. You’ll be fully covered from co-host and producer agreements to guest consents. These contracts leave zero chance of copyright infringement, and loopholes are closed to ensure you get paid every single time, on time

Every contract in The Contract Vault is authored by Andrea Sager, the go-to attorney for hobby and independent podcasters. Plan benefits include live Q&A group calls each month, so you can build your business worry-free. Ready to experience contract bliss? Visit on IG and come say hi.

Good conversational debate is an end in itself, and talking for the love of conversation is what makes us human.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Treat yourself: Podcast Movement Virtual kicks off on Monday. Are you registered? The world’s largest podcasting conference is affordable, accessible, and packed with expert speakers like Sean Rameswaram of Today, Explained and Manoush Zomorodi of TED Radio Hour.
  • Warming up: Stumbling over words behind the mic? Matthew Boudreau of The Podcast Host presents ten tried-and-true vocal exercises to help. Methods engage the jaw, tongue, and vocal cords while improving posture. These smooth speech tips come with bonus dad jokes.
  • Round two: In a follow-up to last week’s post, Tanner Campbell of Portland Pod expresses “Why I’m So Passionate About Evolving Podcast Reviews.” His wide-ranging argument is that the current review system fosters negativity while benefiting platforms over podcasters.
  • Film studies: On Wednesday at 2:00 pm ET, DOC NYC will host “Podcasting for Doc Makers.” The panel discussion will feature both producers and podcast platform execs, all women, exploring the professional pivot between podcasting and documentary filmmaking.

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