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    PodMov Daily: Friday, May 15

    Episode 206: Week Download Complete

    Friday Guest Feature: Essential Interview Prep for Podcasters

    This Friday’s guest article is from Christine Blackburn, the creator and host of Story Worthy. The podcast celebrates its 10th birthday in July, and to date Blackburn has interviewed over 600 guests. To ensure a dynamic conversation that engages both subject and audience, meaningful prep is a must.

    “The difference between a decent interview and a great interview is how you make the guest feel emotionally,” Blackburn insists. “Show them you’ve done your homework. Make them happy they gave you their time.” As the interviewer, taking a moment to focus on your own state of mind is just as important.

    Imagine your listener as a director. What would they ask for? “They want you to ask the pertinent questions and jump into the conversation when you should, and sit back when you need to listen,” Blackburn says. “In other words, create what your audience wants to hear, and deliver the quality they deserve.”

    Tips from Public Radio: Making a Podcast That Matters

    In producing timely, meaningful pandemic-related podcasts, local public radio stations have been “wildly impressive,” writes Stephanie Kuo of PRX. Kuo recognizes five stations in particular for their shows: KPBS (San Diego), WYPR (Baltimore), WABE (Atlanta), Colorado Public Radio (Denver) and St. Louis Public Radio.

    “Why did these stations see this moment as an opportunity and not a barrier?” Kuo asks. During a webinar with these stations and the Public Media Journalists Association, the answer became clear: their audiences. Individual listeners inspire “vision and intention and not just an urgency to be topical.”

    The conversation digs into setting realistic expectations, managing limited resources, and more tips. Under these unprecedented circumstances, these journalists have “deepen[ed] engagement with their communities […] in ways that perhaps NPR, the New York Times, or even their own broadcasts couldn’t.”

    Happy Friday, readers, and thanks to Ashley Lusk of Bello Collective for sharing this must-read indeed from Dan Misener. Data is beautiful.


    Team PM

    Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Listen here: The NPR Training team has released a new guide to Spanish pronunciation. Multilingual journalist Jerome Socolovsky has another resource for correct pronunciation in any language, which “shows we know our stuff and conveys respect.”
    • Truth hertz: Not sure what the number 44100 means in podcasting? Matthew McLean of The Podcast Host explains the use of sample rates, which “determine the quality of the audio and the size of the file,” and how to choose one for best results.
    • Spring fresh: In March, journalist and podcaster Manoush Zomorodi became the new host of TED Radio Hour. Katie Ferguson of Spotify for Podcasters speaks with Zomorodi about the transition and relaunching one of the top programs in the world.
    • Study hall: PRX Sound School opens for registration on May 20. Expert instructors will teach a series of six-week, remote podcasting classes for independent, early-stage, and DIY creators. One full or partial scholarship will be provided for each class.

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