Friday Guest Feature: Make Time for Audio


PodMov Daily: Friday, May 1

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Friday Guest Feature: Make Time for Audio

This Friday’s guest article about audio is really about reconnecting with yourself. Podcast journalist and creator Wil Williams encourages an intentional podcast pause to reset an anxious mind: “It's an easy time to feel alone and defeated — but in my eyes, it's the perfect time to remember why you love audio so much.”

Many of us are overwhelmed, disoriented, and being pushed toward ever more work. Do our podcasts actually benefit? “In times of stress, I try to pivot myself into appreciation versus resignation,” Williams offers. To avoid burnout, select audio that’s truly meaningful to you, get comfortable, and “listen hard.”

Whether you choose to focus on whale songs or death metal, “this is the time for unrepentant pride in your work. You are taking part in the great tradition of audio art, no matter what kind of podcast you make.” Feeling a bit off-track? Close listening may help you “remember why you got into audio in the first place.”

WOC Podcasters: Community-Powered Victory at PM Evolutions

After launching their podcast The Nine Oh Six last fall, Meha Chiraya and Archita Fritz “felt unstoppable.” Seven weeks of passionate work between two continents had paid off. When selected to speak at Podcast Movement Evolutions, they reached out to the Women of Color (WOC) Podcasters community for a bit of help.

“Before our talk, we had so many questions,” Chiraya and Fritz reflect, giving “a huge, well-deserved shout-out” to the WOC team and larger network. Presentation advice from founder and CEO Danielle Desir “emphasized authenticity and bringing the audience along with you in the journey.”

“Being selected to speak at Evolutions was exciting and validating for us,” write the now-experienced podcasters. “We were on the right track to start […] sharing the stories of women in our lives and communities that inspire us.” When they needed guidance, though, “is when the power of this community shone brightly.”

Grow, Learn, and Earn with Podcast Production School

There’s no way around it – launching, managing, and growing a podcast involves a lot of work.

But once you have the skillset, why not turn it into further opportunity? Podcast Production School empowers folks that love the podcasting medium to become a bigger part of it – earning a healthy income as a result!

It’s a comprehensive program designed to help you master the hard skills and strategies of podcasting – build highly valuable skills like audio editing, distribution and guest management and learn to package these services for clients in return for pay…from anywhere you have computer and internet access.

Smart move – thousands of businesses have just joined the audio wave.

Our friends are offering a FREE quickstart bundle – grab their Podcast Launch and Production Checklists to understand what goes into launching a new show, the unique services that fall under Podcast Production and which ones you can offer right now.

Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Love letters: A Spotify for Podcasters post by Katie Ferguson explores crisis and compassion with Anna Sale, host of WNYC’s Death, Sex, and Money. Sale explains how the show and its listeners have formed an intense, personal support system with concrete impact.
  • No scrubs: Shower Sessions, a new podcast from musician St. Vincent, is hosted from her neon pink shower. According to Rolling Stone, the artist “will not only be interviewing her guests but also sharing their live performances from inside their bathrooms.”
  • Land survey: An Apple vs. Spotify update from Voxnest shows fierce competition in Q1. Spotify is now ‘taking claim' of US states in addition to global territory. The company appears to be “starting to loosen Apple’s grip on the Land of the iPhone US podcast listeners.”
  • Tech support: PRX goes beyond the basics in Part 2 of the ‘ultimate guide to remote recording.’ Alexandra Blair “delve[s] deeper into those recording setups — ranging from a simple phone call to a fully-kitted home studio — and addresses their technical demands.”

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