Friday Guest Feature: To Stay Sane and Focused, Be Your Own Listener


PodMov Daily: Friday, April 17

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Friday Guest Feature: Listening to Yourself for Personal and Podcast Benefit

This Friday’s guest article from podcast journalist and creator Wil Williams is about letting go. Chances are, many of us have fallen short of flawless work-from-home productivity. How can podcasters adjust their expectations and stay healthy? Once Williams began embracing their natural patterns of energy, the benefits were clear.

“In the months since going from working a day job to being a full-time writer and podcaster, I've gotten plenty of tips on how to stay sane and focused while working from home,” Williams writes. “Here's the thing: these lists of tips act like they work perfectly well for every person. They don't.”

Even if you have an inflexible work schedule, other adjustments can provide much-needed peace. Listening to your own needs is easier than it sounds. Above all are these wise words: “Pay attention to what your brain and body are telling you. They'll give you better advice than any stranger on the internet.”

Vancouver's Senior Podcasters “Powered by Age” to Create

The 411 Seniors Centre Society in Vancouver has become an unlikely epicenter of podcasting passion. Camille Bains of The Canadian Press explores how a group of seniors are learning to record and share audio to stay connected to friends and family.

Between 411 and several other centers, the Powered By Age project has grown to 44 people ready to learn. “Part of our purpose is to share this model we’re working through with other cities,” says podcasting coordinator Charlotte Ferrell. What began as a pilot project last year has seen widespread joy and enthusiasm.

Participant-planned topics include health issues, arts and culture, and non-traditional relationships in the senior community. Before starting, “I barely knew what it was,” says Sylvie Anderson, 72. Hoping to chat about neighborhood news on the show, she’s glad she “gave it a whirl.”

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It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Hot pursuit: A recent episode of Reply All, “The Case of the Missing Hit,” has become a hit in itself. Co-host PJ Vogt tells Annie Zaleski of Spotify for Podcasters why it may have struck a chord and how it came together. Spoilers ahead, so be sure to listen first.
  • Crime crime: According to Podnews, a Swedish court has ruled that true-crime podcast Mordpodden is packed with copyright infringement. A writer and researcher has been fined for heavily plagiarizing the 2015 book Kakelugnsmordet in an episode.
  • Watership down: The new narrative audio series Rabbit Hole “tell[s] the stories of people who were shaping, and being shaped by, the internet.” NYT tech columnist Kevin Roose opens with a study of a college dropout who “turned to YouTube for direction.”
  • Stage right: Paul Lemley of Discover Pods shares a list of lessons learned “while wearing the hat of sound engineer, producer, writer and promoter” for two shows. Helpful advice includes how to prepare your social media presence 3 months pre-launch.

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