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PodMov Daily: Friday, October 18

Episode 68: Week Download Complete

Guest Interview: Lory Martinez on “Mija” and Studio Ochenta

Studio Ochenta founder Lory Martinez recently launched Mija podcast, a fictionalized narrative of her Colombian family’s history. It’s a remarkable story on its own, but its translation style sets it apart: Martinez records each episode in English, Spanish, and French.

The Paris-based Ochenta is all about empowering podcast creators around the world. By design, its shows reflect “diversity of languages, voices and opinions.” We spoke to Martinez about the development of Mija, the challenges of cross-cultural translation, and the state of podcasting in France.

To accompany the interview, we suggest giving Mija a listen — both in a language you understand and one may not. Martinez’s vision and passion come through each moment of the story. Stay tuned next week for a follow-up article on Ochenta’s recently released and upcoming podcasts.

Existential Essential: Is a Podcast on YouTube a Podcast At All?

“Why are we seeing more studies claiming YouTube is a destination for podcasts?” asks Podcast Business Journal.

The question follows Westwood One’s latest report, showing that “38% of weekly podcast listeners come from Apple with YouTube a close second at 33%. Spotify is third at 30%.”

Is it a misconception that YouTube is “being used — and growing — as a listening platform” for podcasts? Longtime podcasters, according to PBJ, are likely frustrated at the conflation.

YouTube videos are streamed, not downloaded, and many believe that “if a show doesn’t have an RSS feed, it’s not a podcast.”

Focused Demographic: Results of a PRX Listener Whitepaper

new whitepaper from PRX, Claritas, and Market Enginuity, “The Podcast Listener,” releases insights into “who exactly is listening to PRX’s podcasts.” Findings are based on “an overlay of consumer demographic, psychographic, and shopping preference data.”

Market Enginuity manages sponsorship revenue for PRX, and Claritas, is specializes in a leader in podcast measurement for market insight. PRX focused on “podcast enthusiasts,” or those who “consistently tune in and listen to entire podcasts at a single event.”

Overall, results show that the heaviest PRX listeners are cord cutters with higher-than-average income that are distrustful of corporate advertising. “Difficult to reach in a traditional media mix” indeed.

Happy Friday, readers, and what do you know — Mija podcast is right here for you to enjoy into the weekend. Many thanks to Lory Martinez and the team at Ochenta.

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It’s hard to watch something go on and be talking at the same time.

Here's what else is going on:

  • Midnight joyride: On horror-centric podcast Forever Midnight, Josh Staples, Jef Overn and Brian Henderson review classic and contemporary flicks. They’re now releasing a “weird odyssey of terror” in the form of a 6-minute short film, Night Drive. Screening October 24 in Santa Rosa, CA.
  • Story time: Pinna, the only on-demand audio entertainment service exclusively for kids 3-12, recently announced offline listening, and playlists are coming soon. A new original seriesA to Z Mysteries: Clue Club, launched yesterday. Opal Watson: Private Eye premieres October 23.
  • Expert access: Boston University nutrition professor Dr. Joan Salge Blake began the podcast Spot On! less than a year ago. Blake’s “light bulb” idea led to the show, which gives science-based, “accurate and usable heath advice” to students. Blake’s “pleasantly surprised” to have over 16,000 downloads.
  • Flying saucy: On every episode of Wait, Whaaat? podcasters Elaine Chaney and Paula McCambridge each reveal a “paranormal-related ‘news’ story, [kept] secret from one another until the mic starts recording.” The co-hosts met as coworkers, cracking each other up over UFOs and ghost sightings.

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