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PodMov Daily: Friday, September 27

Episode 53: Week Download Complete

Guest Article: Podcasts in the Classroom, from Preschool to College

This Friday’s guest article is about the growing trend of podcasts made for the classroom. Journalism professor Jenna Spinelle, host and producer of the Democracy Works podcast, outlines the movement. “Pairings that used to occur by happenstance or informal networks are now being formalized as podcasters work directly with teachers and companies,” Spinelle reports.

Podcast creators, professors, high school teachers, and a children’s audio CEO share how they’ve collaborated and contributed. For example, New Hampshire Public Radio’s podcast Civics 101 now has its own educational advisory board, including a teacher who uses the episodes in his 9th-grade class. Listen up: The state of the union between classroom education and audio is only just beginning.

Get Social, Share Podcasts: This Weekend is #ShareYourBudsSunday

Sharing the podcast medium with a non-pod-listening friend or family member can open someone’s world. Paul Kondo of Podcast Gumbo and Arielle Nissenblatt of the EarBuds Podcast Collective came up with #ShareYourBudsSunday to encourage just that.

“Many of my friends have no idea what a podcast is. So I grab their phone, download an app and subscribe to an episode that I think they will love,” says Kondo. “My friend is a runner, and I recommended an interview with Meb Keflezighi and he loved it.” The idea is to download a podcast app to a friend’s device, subscribe to a show, and listen to it together. Show them how to search for shows, and you’ve given them a gift.

“#ShareYourBudsSunday is the day that you can finally force your friends and family to listen to podcasts with you,” says Nissenblatt. “Then hopefully they’ll be hooked!” Though this Sunday the 29th is the official day to share photos and videos, don’t wait to teach your friends. Now’s the perfect time.

Auxbus Podcast Software: An NC TECH Top 10 Startup

The podcasting tool Auxbus has been named a “Top Ten Startup to Watch” by the NC TECH Awards. The North Carolina Technology Association has recognized the company for its “innovation, growth, and leadership in the tech sector.”

As a finalist this year, Auxbus has distinguished itself as one of the state’s innovative and emergent leaders,” said Brooks Raiford, NC TECH’s President and CEO. Its recently launched podcast creation software has “proprietary guidance and automation technologies” allowing users to “quickly and easily create high-quality audio content.”

From planning and recording to episode assembly and distribution, the software’s capabilities keep creation contained. More than 1,000 users have created accounts and have given Auxbus “a 4.81 out of 5 review in its first 45 days.”

Congratulations to WCCO-AM Minneapolis: Radio Podcasts for the Win

Happy Friday, readers. An extra happy Friday, no doubt, for WCCO-AM Minneapolis. At the Radio Show’s NAB Marconi Radio Awards, the station won the title of “Best Radio Podcast of the Year” for Denied Justice.


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Here's what else is going on:

  • Tone to-go: Spreaker has launched new mic controls on its Spreaker Studio app. The feature “gives an extra level of control over how various voices and recordings sound,” making it easier for users to “achieve a professional level of audio right from their phones.”
  • Fresh approach: “Stop obsessing over downloads,” recommends the Podcast Business Journal. “If you are passionate about your show, deliver it consistently and always strive to improve, you will find advertisers.” Your perfect fit is out there, so don’t stop calling.
  • Reach higher: WOC Podcasters and Simplecast teach how to start, engage, and support an online community in a new webinar. WOC founder Danielle Desir and managing editor Madeline Wright give surprising tips for “outreach to potential podcast sponsors.”
  • Rapid results: Daniel J. Lewis shares a video on “quick and easy” podcast publishing with Alitu. Colin Gray joins to explain the ins and outs of the creation tool that optimizes workflow and “can automatically publish your episodes with the best podcast publishing tools.”

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