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PodMov Daily: Friday, September 6

Episode 38: Finally Friday

Guest Article: Boost Your Discoverability with a Dynamic Website

Our guest article this fine Friday is another spot-on guide from Elena Fernández Collins and Wil Williams. They specialize in audio fiction but are passionate about helping podcasters of all stripes succeed in the space. Speaking to the press was the topic of their last collaborative article, and now they’ve written about speaking to everyone else.

A website — not just a hosting page — for your show is a must for discoverability. “Remember that you aren’t just trying to reach the audience who already listen to podcasts,” explains Fernández Collins. “You absolutely want to be reaching out to the people who haven’t listened to podcasts before.”

Getting beyond the “why” and into the “how,” this helpful piece outlines best practices with wit and plenty of examples. Even if your show has a website, check out tips for optimizing your presence and growing your listener base.

Pitching Podcasts in the Newsroom: Essential Steps from Werk It

If you’re active in the journalism space, chances are your organization has considered launching a podcast. Via Poynter, the team behind Werk It, WNYC’s Women’s Podcast Festival, delivers 6 “essential planning steps” for curious newsrooms to take.

“Make sure you’ve thought of the process and sustainable workflow that will get you from a pitch draft, to a green light from your editor, and finally into your listeners’ ears,” they advise. First, truly consider if audio is the right format to realize your goals. Then explore how to narrow down an audience, assess competition, and plan a feasible budget.

“Launching any podcast is hard, whether you’re working at an audio-first organization, a print paper or going at it on your own,” the team wisely states. “But there’s also a wealth of resources (and amazing people) out there to get you on the right track.” Werk It will take place October 3-4 in Los Angeles.

Painless Remote Recording: Tips & Tools from WOC Podcasters

Interview podcasts have become popular with good reason — listeners identify with engaging content and a variety of perspectives. Unless you’re regularly jetsetting, though, chances are your guests may join remotely. Candace Howze at WOC Podcasters has long-distance troubleshooting covered.

“In a perfect world, your podcast would work a lot like Good Morning America […] You’d have a nice studio set up and all of your guests would drive, bus, or fly in to speak with you,” Howze writes. “But let’s get real here. It’s a bit difficult for that to happen when your interviewee lives 2,000 miles away and you’re recording on an iPhone in your closet.”

Compare free and subscription-based software, find remote recording tips, and increase confidence with this realistic and well-researched guide to faraway harmony.

PM19 Special: The Experts on Ethical True Crime Podcasting

Happy Friday, readers. For some timely and thoughtful weekend listening, check out this PM19 special. Crime Writers On… has released a free bonus episode of this year’s panel, “How to Make a True Crime Podcast.” Every side of the industry will have something to learn. Thanks for sharing, @CrimeWritersOn!


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Here's what else is going on:

  • Star webinar: Coleman Insights will offer “Outside Thinking for Podcasts,” a webinar “designed to help podcasters build stronger, more memorable brands.” Tune in Thursday, September 12 at 2:00pm EDT for the latest optimization research. Register here to stand out.
  • All business: Podco Media Networks has announced the launch of two new business podcasts. Chris Clegg’s Demystifying Data and Jon Chang’s My First Job were chosen to “cover the world’s biggest business challenges,” bringing large audiences and brands with them.
  • Growing market: Per a PwC report, Indian monthly podcast listeners reached 40 million at the end of 2018. Spotify’s presence has increased buzz, and marketers are taking notice. India’s knowledge economy and increasing podcast awareness have “immense potential.”
  • Midwest podfest: The inaugural Wisconsin Podcast Festival will take place this weekend, September 7-8 in Milwaukee, a city home to 4 podcast networks. The event will feature breakout sessions, live shows, and a contest to score promotion on all 6 local iHeart stations.

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